30 Stunning Balayage Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair 2024

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Short haircuts are the perfect platform for balayage! The color technique adds a real unique dimension to hair that’s fluid and functional, while also putting those layers and special cuts on display.

Balayage can be for bobs too!
Balayage can be for bobs too! jennie.walp.hairstyling

Dark Blonde Balayage Bob

Quickly throw in some bounce to your bob by cutting some unique and asymmetrical layers throughout your mane. Dark blonde is a lovely shade that’s incredibly natural-looking, a great style for any season.

Caramel Highlighted Graduated Bob

Unique layers such as these can get lost with a one-noted color, so add some spice to your mane by opting for some light caramel highlights. These highlights will generate some personality into your look while also showcasing the precision and uniqueness of the layers.

Chocolate Caramel Ringlets

The great thing about this look is how incredibly poised it is, with all ringlets intact and simply stunning. This chocolate-caramel balayage lob is ideal for high-end events when looking like a queen is imperative.

Mahogany Orange Curls

Mahogany+burnt orange= a match made in heaven. These two rich shades create a lavish blend that’s very pleasing to the eye, and those bouncy curls offer some flirty personality to this fall-inspired balayage.

Sleek Dark Bob with Hints of Light Brown

Sleek, polished, and undeniably sexy, this simple hairstyle is really anything but tame. The slicked straight strands provoke sophistication, and the rich dark chocolate hues are as glamorous as ever. With a few scattered pieces of light brown there’s a hint of lightness and contrast that speaks volume although they’re minimal.

Curly Brown Bob

Creating a striking brunette mane with plenty of highlights and lowlights is as easy as tossing in some lighter shades of brown and blonde throughout your darker brunette base. By adding some loose curls to her look, she blends these dimensional colors together beautifully for a glamorized appearance that can be worn to fancier events.

Copper Graduated Voluminous Bob with Side Bangs

Graduated bobs with extreme angles such as this are always an edgy and hot pick, but to add an even intenser, sexier appeal to your look, make your hair a copper balayage blend and tease the back for mega-height that’s utterly appealing.

Curly Chestnut Enhanced Bangs

Balayage hairstyle inspirations: A long lob is the ideal pick for ladies who want enough room to style, but not too much length. Her dark brunette lob is enhanced with some chestnut highlights surrounding the face, which both add some brightness to her look while lightening her complexion. Curl it just a tad up front and away from the face to let your features stand out.

Feathered Blonde-Enhanced Pixie

Feathering a pixie allows for tons of fluidity and just enough length to tease and tousle as much as you please. However, feathering may get lost to the naked eye when color is left one-noted. Ensure your feathered pixie is getting the attention it deserves by throwing on some blonde balayage to those dark roots.

Red Curls

Ladies who wish to break free of their monochromatic dark brunette locks and add a splash of sexy hues to their look should consider this vivid hairstyle. The color contrast is highly sultry and desirable, an alluring combination that’s made utterly ravishing by use of a curling iron.

Warm Caramel-Blonde Layered Bob

When you’ve got a blend of layers of all shapes and sizes, you want to intensify the cut by adding in plenty of color contrast. Her warm caramel-blonde look is dazzling with a mix of light blondes and caramely-red hues for a ravishing finish.

Tousled Natural Blonde Bob

Keeping things looking all-natural is a key element of opting for balayage hair coloring, as clearly shown in this fabulous bob. The blend of blondes and browns creates that ever-popular ‘bronde’ finish, and tousling it up but still keeping it polished and sleek makes for the perfect work or school day hairstyle.

Soft Brown Ringlets

It’s easy to look like a beauty with this alluring look. She adds in some soft brown notes to her rather dark base, lightening up her complexion and creating a smooth and silky finish that’s highly desirable. Ringlets on the ends certainly add some flirty bounce that can be worn to any occasion.

Lightly Highlighted Bob

A few wispy highlights inserted into your layered bob is a great way to define those layers and add some dimension.

Strawberry Steel Blue Asymmetrical Cut

A funky cut like this requires funky colors to match. Step out of the box with your balayage and try on something new, like these strawberry and steel blue highlights around the face. This will draw attention to your facial features while also showcasing that rockin’ and edgy asymmetrical cut.

Highlighted Razor Cut Bob

Razor cuts can only mean one thing: volume! This razor-cut bob is the ideal choice for older women who want a quick and easy hairstyle they can pull together seconds before the work day. Make it summer-ready by tossing on some lovely light brown highlights.

Blonded-Up Messy Bob

Asian hair has that luscious dark black coloring, but it can be a bit mundane after awhile. If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd and add some brightness to your style, toss in some light blonde locks in a balayage manner. Tousle it up and let it flow for that carefree summertime style.

Lightened Up Brown Bob

Loving your brunette hair and don’t want to overdo it with color? Let your natural deep brunette shade be the star of the show by leaving plenty of natural color at the roots. Highlighting the ends will ensure your hair is eye-catching and brightened, quickly enhanced with fabulous ringlets.

Blonde A-line with Inverted Layers

Struggling with thin, fine locks? Don’t fret! An easy way to add some fullness to your style is to add in some inverted layers to a sleek and traditional a-line haircut. The blend of highlights and lowlights is simply flawless, a natural-looking blonde combo that’s great for summertime.

Wavy Red Balayage Graduated Bob

It’s the perfect look for fall: a charming combination of reds that brings to mind the delightful colors we find during the fall season, and those waves really add a burst of elegance and fluidity to these warm and enchanting hues. A graduated bob haircut is ideal for adding bulk, so whether you have thin hair or thick hair it can certainly work for you.

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Image result for balayage short hair
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Image result for balayage short hair
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