10 Hair Loss Myths and Truths You Need to Know!

Hair loss is a common problem faced by a vast majority of the global population. There are a dozen and more reasons for hair loss in men and women but it is the myths around hair loss that are tough to deal with. These myths are shared by people on social channels and they get amplified. People who tend to take posts at face value give these myths more credibility than they deserve by sharing these posts. Are you one of them?

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Not surprisingly, most of the information available online about hair loss are not true. Here is an honest attempt to separate the hair loss myths from the facts:

1. We Lose 50-100 Strands of Hair Daily On An Average:

This is true and ratified by the American Academy of Dermatology. We all lose hair daily and experts say it is normal to lose around 50 to 100 strands of hair on average. If you have long hair, 100 strands may create a visual effect of profound loss. However, if you see your hair everywhere – in the bath, on the towel, on the comb, the pillow –  act fast and consult a hair care professional or a hairstyling expert. They will be able to identify the precise cause and recommend corrective measures.

2. Wearing Hats Frequently and For Long Periods Can Trigger Hair Loss

This is a myth. Wearing hats does not trigger hair loss problems nor do they worsen an existing hair loss situation. We often come across statements that say your scalp must “breathe” to remain in a healthy state. Hats can stifle the breathing process. This is not true because hair follicles derive oxygen it needs from the bloodstream and not from the air around it.  A hat can provide protection from the direct and harsh rays of the sun so go ahead and wear one when you are out in the sun. It will not cause any hair loss for sure.

3. Excessive Styling Can Lead to Hair Loss

10 Hair Loss Myths and Truths You Need to Know!
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This is true and again proven by hair care specialists. While hair styling is an important part of a hair care regimen, you must make sure such practices are not overdone. Bleaching using harsh chemicals can cause major damages to your hair and adversely affect its good health. Bleaching also strips hair follicles of their much-needed moisture. The same holds for perm which involves adding chemicals to the hair strands to change their form.

4. There Is a Connection Between Stress And Hair Loss

10 Hair Loss Myths and Truths You Need to Know!
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Not entirely true but yes, hair loss can be caused by some traumatic events such as an emotional shock or a long-term illness and related suffering. You won’t lose hair to those typical everyday stress. There is a scientific basis for this. Severe stress may force hair follicles into an extended resting phase during which the follicles stop the hair regeneration process for some time. Extreme and sustained stress can also lead to a condition known as alopecia areata. It is a type of patchy hair loss.

5. Bald Men Are Typically More Testosterone Laden

Completely false and one of the biggest hair loss myths doing the rounds for a long time. Studies reveal that the level of testosterone is not more in bald men nor do their hairy brethren suffer from any lack of it. However, there is a connection between hair loss and hormones but that relates to one called DHT or Di-Hydro-Testosterone. If you have an excess of DHT in you due to genetics, it may stunt the production of hair follicles.

6. Frequent Hair Cuts Makes It Grow Back Thicker and Faster

Most of us know this is a myth. The growth and thickness of hair has nothing to do with when and how you cut it. Hair will grow at a rate it generally does. When you cut hair frequently, you might get that feeling that it’s growing back thicker because short hair tends to appear and feel dense. However, regardless of whether you love to keep your hair long or short, hair will grow at its normal rate. Hair styling methods do not generally affect the pace of hair growth.

7. Washing and Shampooing Can Result in Hair Loss

10 Hair Loss Myths and Truths You Need to Know!
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Again a popular myth that most people believe to be true. It is a common but erroneous belief that washing and shampooing your hair too much can cause hair loss. Experts say that the frequency of washing and shampooing hair has no effect on its overall loss or growth.

You will notice hair everywhere when you shampoo and shower but that hair would have anyway fallen out. Human hair goes through a growth and shedding cycle. Some hair strands regenerates itself by falling out. It’s normal for hair to go dormant for some time before growing again. When hair that falls out cannot be replaced because the follicles die off, you start developing bald spots and patches.

8. Baldness Affects Only the Elderly

Not true because we often see the young and the very young (even those in their early 20s) suffering from hair loss and having to deal with baldness. If you have a history of baldness in the family, you are more likely to lose hair early. It is true that most people suffer from male pattern baldness in their late 30s and 40s but a good percentage of men suffer from hair loss even in their 20s. Only, you don’t notice or feel it right away. In many males, hair loss becomes apparent only after they have lost half of their hair.

9. You Will Keep Losing Hair Even After Taking Medications

Not true entirely. Hair loss treatment is a multi-billion dollar market. There are genuine players as well as rogue elements in the business. The latter aims to make a quick buck by cashing in on the demand for new hair restoration products by offering substandard duds for a fancy price. If you fall for such gimmickry, you will still lose hair despite spending way more than what these products deserve.

However, if you use genuine, reliable, vetted, and reputed hair products, you will find that they do make a difference to your hair loss problems. So it is a myth that you will lose hair even after taking medications. Choose the right one and your problem will be definitely solved.

10. Proper Nutrition Is All You Need For Treating Hair Loss

10 Hair Loss Myths and Truths You Need to Know!
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Nutrients are essential for the smooth functioning of almost all vital areas of the body. Hair growth is driven primarily by protein and other hair supplements. If there is a deficiency of protein in your diet, it will reflect in your hair quickly as the growth will slow down and the quality will also suffer. So it is not a myth that your hair needs good nutrition to remain healthy but it is not the entire truth. It requires proper and regular care and maintenance as well.

Keeping hair protected from the harsh elements is also a vital step in ensuring its health. If you do not follow these steps, you may start losing hair until you carry out the corrective measures.

Ensure a healthy balance of meats, eggs, and fish in your diet to provide a steady supply of protein to the hair strands. Iron is also an important nutrient for healthy hair. Iron deficiency anemia is a common nutritive insufficiency that leads to hair loss and breakage of hair. You must include rich green vegetables and legumes in your diet.

Do you have any other common hair loss myths and truths to share? Please post your views here, also you can subscribe and get more hair tips on herstylecode.com.

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