8 Hacks to Make Your Home Cozier


Coziness is what makes the home complete. Simply, all the furniture, decor, and the size of your home don’t matter, if the atmosphere is cold and sterile. However, if you love minimalism, that doesn’t mean you should suddenly stop enjoying that type of decor. But, making it more accessible and cozier can definitely help you feel more at peace at your own home. Even if you prefer something aside from minimalism, making your space feel comfortable and inviting should be your priority, especially compared to the materialistic aspects of decorating.

So for that specific reason, here are some amazing hacks and tips that will make your home feel cozier and welcoming.

1. Let the light in

8 Hacks to Make Your Home Cozier
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Having access to natural sunlight is the first step toward achieving a calm and nourishing aesthetic. But, if you live in a smaller apartment without enough access to natural light, it might be trickier to pull it off, but it’s not impossible. Using mirrors across windows to reflect the natural light can definitely help, as well as painting your walls in nude/neutral tones and choosing similar furniture.

Keeping your home well-lit and airy will surely contribute to more coziness and better wellbeing.

2. Rethink your textures and fabrics

8 Hacks to Make Your Home Cozier
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Various textures and fabrics can play a significant role when it comes to coziness. Wool, velvet, and knits are only some of them that might make your room much warmer and cozier. Therefore, don’t be afraid to add throw pillows, blankets, sofa, and bed covers to boost the appeal of your home and make it feel more pleasant and friendly. Also, the bedding you use matters, so rather than going for luxurious-looking satin, it’s advisable to opt for linen, flannel, jersey, or crisp cotton, mainly if you appreciate warmth and snuggly moments during cold winter days.

3. Add some potted plants

8 Hacks to Make Your Home Cozier
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Growing potted plants indoors can be super beneficial to your health, which is why you should consider it, especially if you want to “cozify” your home. However, if you worried about keeping your plants alive, there’s some good news: some plants are easier to maintain than others, so feel free to choose them rather than some complicated ones. Peace lilies, snake plants, pothos, and various types of cacti and succulents are easy to grow and maintain, so start with them and see how it goes.

4. Declutter and organize

8 Hacks to Make Your Home Cozier
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Sometimes, the clutter can seem comforting, but at the end of the day, it’s quite confusing when there’s a bunch of stuff lying around with no reason nor purpose. Therefore, make sure to declutter your space first, as that will likely improve your mood and help you reorganize the rest of the home. Using storage boxes is always a practical solution, especially if you have a lot of things you don’t need, but you also don’t want them on display. Also, renting a storage room or donating to a charity is always a good idea. Aside from all of that, decluttering is a great way to keep your home clean and organized, so you should practice it every few months at least.

5. Don’t forget your walls

8 Hacks to Make Your Home Cozier
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Bare walls can look good, but some decor can surely add a lot of personality and warmth to your home. Of course, a well-designed gallery wall is always a good option, especially if you love different types of artwork and picture frames. But, if you’re looking to infuse your space with some worldly, Bali-themed elements, you can always hop over to this site and find an ethically-carved skull that will surely sit nicely in your living room or entrance hall. Choosing more unique pieces of decor can make your space seem more interesting, so if you’re someone who loves different cultures, then feel free to use that type of decor.

6. Create your special cozy nook

8 Hacks to Make Your Home Cozier
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If you’re not intent on turning your entire home into your cozy space, you can always create a special nook that will be comfortable and comforting for you. For example, just an armchair in a corner where you can take a nap or read can help you feel better, especially after a long and tiring day. Having just one ultimate cozy space can do wonders for your wellbeing and happiness. Renovating the area under the stairs, an attic or an old closet are amazing ideas for a nook, especially if you live in a busy and active household.

7. Incorporate colors, but keep it simple

8 Hacks to Make Your Home Cozier
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A colorful home is a happy home, that’s for sure. But, if too many contrasting colors isn’t your thing, it’s important to know that a cozy home doesn’t have to be filled with numerous colors and patterns. You’re free to keep things simple, and as a matter of fact, it’s much better if you do it that way. One to three neutral colors is a great place to start, as it’ll provide you with a structure that you could develop and modify later on. Also, if you like colorful decor pieces, it’s best to limit them to various wall art, rugs, and carpets, as well as throw pillows.

8. Be proud of your memories

8 Hacks to Make Your Home Cozier
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If you’re a sentimental person who cherishes happy memories with your loved ones, then you should feel proud of that. And the best way to showcase your pride would be to display pictures and other valuables in your home. Of course, a lot of framed pictures on one shelf won’t necessarily make your home cozier by default, but they’ll boost your happiness every time you look at them, and that matters a lot. Because, when everything else fails, the comfort of your home and warm memories will always be there for you.


These hacks are a great way to turn your ordinary-looking home into your perfect, safe, and cozy haven. Just keep in mind that you’re allowed to anything you want, especially since cozy is often a very subjective word. But, decluttering your home, letting the natural light in, and adding potted plants are only some of the useful tips that will surely add a lot of warmth, comfort, and joy to your home.

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