7 Ways to Surprise Your Man on His Birthday


Some people hate getting surprises on their birthday and some love them. No matter what your man prefers, it’s always fun for the person giving the surprise! If he tries to downplay his birthday as not a big deal, remember that deep down everyone appreciates when they’re made to feel special on the day they came into this world. Once we grow up, it’s the spouse’s job to keep the celebration tradition going. Here are a few easy ways to help you make some memories on your hubby’s birthday.

1) Throw a Surprise Party

If you’re not used to hosting parties, it can seem a little daunting at first. And, it can get expensive fast if you overdo it with decor and party gimmicks. However, throwing a DIY surprise party on a budget is easier than you think with a few tips. If you can get him out of the house for a bit, throw the party at home. Reuse party decorations from other occasions and holidays. Buy a cheap bag of basic balloons and a couple rolls of paper streamers and put them all over the place. Then all you need is friends, food, and adult beverages to get the fun rolling.

If your place is limited on space, take advantage of free-to-use spaces like parks or a friend’s house. Or, move the party to a bowling alley or restaurant and let others take care of the food and beverages for you.

2) New Kicks

If your man has everything, buy him something that he’ll use every day. Shoes wear out pretty fast for men because they use them harder than women, so a new pair is always appreciated. If you’ve been dating for at least a couple of months, you likely already know his style. For some guys, a rugged and durable pair of boots is their pick for work and playing dirty.

For others, they may stay a bit cleaner and like the versatility of casual sneakers. Maybe colorful shoes for men are right up your hubby’s alley. And if you’re new to the relationship and don’t know his size, just take a peek in his shoes when you get the opportunity.

3) Sports Fan Merchandise

A lot of men take pride in their favorite sports teams and love anything that features the team’s logo. From camping chairs to coffee mugs, to hats and shirts, you can find just about anything with a sports logo on it. And if you can’t find a specific team you’re looking for, you might be able to find a shop on Etsy that will customize something for you.

We’re not just talking football either. You can shop for sports fans of all types. Formula 1 merch for racing fans, basketball, and baseball memorabilia—heck you can even get his favorite team from BattleBots on a tee shirt. Go the extra mile and create a party theme using his team’s colors.

4) Personalized Gifts

Nothing says “I put thought into this gift” like personalized gifts. A pocket knife, wallet, flask, or bottle opener without customization can seem like a gift that you just bought last minute from a Big Box store without putting in much effort. But add an engraving of their name and you’ve got a thoughtful present that took extra time to plan out. Because most personalized gifts take a couple of weeks or more to produce, he’ll know you were thinking about the perfect gift way ahead of his birthday.

And if it’s also a functional item, he’ll think about you and how much you care about him every time he uses that item. Simply planning this gift out ahead of time helps you create a cherished memory on his birthday.

5) Tickets to an Upcoming Event

Surprising your man with tickets to a future event is a triple whammy of happiness. He’ll be overjoyed when you give him the tickets, he’ll be able to eagerly anticipate the event, and then you can both enjoy the event together when it finally happens.

This may be a tough one to plan right now with Covid restrictions, but you could think for the future or even opt for a theme park or something more low-key.

6) Book a Getaway

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A getaway is another great present that can be anticipated for months ahead of the actual event. You can announce the trip during a birthday dinner and talk about how it’s all going to go down. Or, you can book the trip on his birthday and give him a little heads up beforehand.

A weekend vacation on his birthday means you have an excuse to party hard and celebrate the entire trip. Keep it romantic and plan the trip for just the two of you, or invite some of his closest friends for an unforgettable birthday experience.

7) New Lingerie

A romantic night is a birthday tradition for many couples, so don’t hesitate to buy yourself some new and sexy sleepwear. If you’re crafty, you can surprise him with some romantic atmosphere, too. Turn the lights down low, light a few candles, and hide your new lingerie under a robe. Let him unwrap his present!

Your hubby’s not getting any younger and there’s only so many birthdays he’s got left, so make every one of them count! A surprise party or a surprisingly special gift is the perfect way to tug on his heartstrings and cement your relationship for a future of happiness. As long as you put thought into it, he’ll appreciate the effort. It’s when we give up trying, that a relationship can start to fall apart.

If you have children, get them involved in planning the surprise, too! Everything you do now helps teach your kids how to treat their partners when they’re older.

Author: Jennifer Oppenheim

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