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If you’re like most women, you probably have way too many clothes but nothing to wear. Maybe you’ve gotten bored of all the clothes you own. Maybe you’ve somehow ended up with twelve sweaters but zero business casual attire. Building a lasting wardrobe you love is a challenge, but it’s an important part of keeping your stress low and your confidence high.

The ideal wardrobe saves you closet space, helps you develop your own signature personal style, and keeps you feeling excited about getting dressed every morning. If you put some effort into it, building a comprehensive, functional, and fashionable wardrobe that will last is actually much easier than it seems.

1. Prioritize Quality

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When it comes to clothing, prioritizing quality over quantity is key. While a $7 blouse or a $12 pair of jeans might seem like a great deal to score, a closet full of inexpensive, low-quality clothes won’t get you very far. Buying well-made

Prioritizing quality over quantity helps you place a higher value on each individual piece of clothing you own. Owning fewer pieces of higher-quality clothing

That doesn’t mean you should disregard price entirely. Everything you own doesn’t have to be a designer. Just make sure you consider how the pieces you buy fit into your wardrobe long-term, not just how little they’ll impact your bank account in the moment.

2. Organize Your Closet

Closet organization tips: Use drawer inserts to maximize your space and keep everything in place.


Keeping your closet organized is a very important part of building and maintaining a long-lasting wardrobe that takes the stress out of getting ready in the morning.

Sort all of the clothes in your closet by type, color, season, or any other category that helps you make sense of your wardrobe inventory. If your closet is so full that you can’t nearly see all the clothes inside it, free up space by transferring off-season pieces into separate storage bins until you can wear them again. Organizing your closet helps you keep track of the pieces you have and the pieces you don’t and makes picking out outfits easier and less overwhelming.

At least once every three months, take every piece of clothing you own out of your closet and re-assess it. Commit to donating any pieces you haven’t worn in the last three months since your last wardrobe assessment. This habit of paring down your clothing inventory helps you stay organized, keep your closet from getting too full, and keep your wardrobe refreshed.

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3. Buy in Bulk

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Buying multiples of the same piece might seem excessive, but it can help you successfully build a long-lasting, durable wardrobe.

If you love a piece–especially a functional basic like a certain well-made pair of jeans–don’t hesitate to buy two or three. That way, you’ll be able to easily replace your favorite pieces when they wear out without having to hunt for them in stores.

4. Make a List

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The function is just as important as fashion in your wardrobe. Every time you notice holes in your wardrobe, jot down the piece you’re missing on a list. Take the list with you when you go shopping and only buy the pieces that are on it.

Sticking to a list helps you keep your wardrobe functional and keeps you from buying unnecessary pieces on a whim that you’ll never wear again.

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