7 Ways to Pamper Yourself as A Woman

7 Ways to Pamper Yourself

Everyone loves to be pampered. It makes you feel special and helps you look and feel better both physically and emotionally. However, getting professionally pampered with a manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, and other expensive services costs an exorbitant amount of money. Most women do not have enough money to pay for these services on a regular basis. Therefore, they end up sacrificing all opportunities to be pampered. This is unfortunate because a pampering experience helps you feel more confident, relaxed, and generally improves your mood as a whole.

However, contrary to popular belief, feeling pampered is not dependent upon an expensive trip to the spa. In fact, you don’t need to recruit anyone else to pamper you. You can pamper yourself all on your own without anyone else’s help. There are many easy ways to pamper yourself without having to spend much money or expend a large amount of effort. Once you start pampering yourself on a regular basis, it becomes a relaxing, stress-relieving habit you won’t be able to break even if you wanted to.

1. Watch Any TV Show Guilt-Free

7 Ways to Pamper Yourself


Okay, let’s face it. You just can’t help checking up on what the Kardashians are up to whenever you pass a gossip magazine while in line at the grocery store or run into a commercial for their reality show on TV. If you’re not secretly obsessed with the infamous Kardashian sisters like the rest of society, there’s likely some other television show, reality or otherwise, that you enjoy watching but perceive as “silly” or “a waste of time”.

Not all TV shows have to be educational or top-quality. A great way to pamper yourself is to let yourself watch your favorite “silly” television show for a full hour. The key to enjoying this activity is that you can’t let yourself feel guilty while you watch. Set aside the time and fully enjoy the mind-numbing entertainment.

2. Go to Your Favorite Store

7 Ways to Pamper Yourself


Is there a gorgeous boutique near your house that you’re always dying to stop inside when you drive past on your way to work? Do you love crafting but always feel like you have more important, practical things to do than visit your local hobby shop?

Make it a point to go inside your favorite store, no matter what it is, the next time you’re feeling like you need a bit of pampering. You don’t even have to buy anything (although you shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging in something fairly cheap). Just let yourself enjoy walking around the store you love without feeling like you should be somewhere else.

3. Buy Yourself Something Non-Practical

7 Ways to Pamper Yourself


You don’t have to buy yourself a pair of diamond earrings or a new laptop computer. Just make it a point to occasionally buy yourself a treat that isn’t practical at all. Maybe it’s the beaded necklace at the mall that’s been catching your eye for weeks. Maybe it’s the (gasp, hardback!) novel by your favorite author that was just recently released.

Occasionally splurging on a cheap, non-practical item that brings you joy doesn’t mean you’re a careless spender. It just means you’re willing to spend a little bit of money on yourself from time to time, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

4. Read a Book at a Local Coffee Shop

7 Ways to Pamper Yourself


There are few things more relaxing and indulgent than sitting in a local coffee shop and simply reading a novel. Don’t let yourself bring your laptop and check your work emails. Bring nothing but your favorite book and read it while you enjoy a latte (with whipped cream) or a chocolate croissant.

5. Paint Your Own Nails

7 Ways to Pamper Yourself


You don’t have to spend half your paycheck on a manicure and pedicure. In fact, you can easily paint your own nails from the comfort of your own home and feel just as pampered. Go all out with a hand scrub and soak before you polish your nails. For added fun, choose a unique polish color that you don’t normally wear.

6. Buy Fun Shower Products and Use Them

7 Ways to Pamper Yourself


It’s not just you. Most women have way more fun with bath bombs and shower scrubs than they might like to admit. A great way to pamper yourself easily and quickly is to purchase a plethora of fun new shower or bath products. Buy a new scented bubble bath or sugar scrub. Then, set aside at least fifteen to twenty minutes for your bath or shower to indulge in the use of your new shower products without feeling like you’re short on time.

7. Take a Solo Walk

7 Ways to Pamper Yourself


Taking a walk is good for your mind and your body. Plus, a long, leisurely walk through one of your favorite local nature spots helps you feel refreshed and relaxed. Take your cell phone along and listen to your favorite music as you walk for extra fun and relaxation.

There’s no need to leave pampering services to the hired professionals. Take matters into your own hands and pamper yourself to leave yourself looking and feeling great whenever you want.

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