8 Best Plunge Bras for Your Racy Low-Cut Necklines!

Plunge Bras

Plunge bras are cut low in the center so you can wear low-cut necklines without your bra showing. However, they aren’t ‘push-up’ bras, so try not to mix them up when you’re shopping. Some plunge bras are also push-ups, and some are also minimizer bras for large breasts.

What’s the difference between plunge & push-up bras?

The real difference between plunge bras and push-up bras is that the plunge doesn’t push your breasts together to create cleavage. Push-ups, on the other hand are designed with cups that gently shape the breasts towards the center.

What this means in practice is that a plunge bra will give you a smooth contour under low-cut clothes, but won’t show a lot of cleavage. But a ‘push-up’ bra is designed to show cleavage and your breasts emerging from your bra, so it’s not meant to be worn under high necked clothing.

Where to buy the best plunge bras?

You definitely get the best range of styles and sizes to choose from online. But as we all know, that just makes it a lot harder to make a decision and order the best bra for your requirements. So we publish frequently updated bra guides to take some of the headache out of buying a new bra for our readers!

The HerStyleCode team has tested a huge range of plunge bras, using teams of ordinary women who wear each bra for at least days, and then give us their honest feedback. We test for comfort, fit, support, performance, fabric quality and appearance. And you don’t have to waste time and money looking for a needle in a haystack!

So here are the current 8 best plunge bras for small, medium, large and plus-sized women to wear with your sexy, low cut tops!

1. Best Lacy Plunge Demi-Cup Bra for Smaller Sizes

Best Lacy Plunge Demi Cup Bra for Smaller Sizes
Maidenform – Women’s ‘Love the Lift’ Push-up & In Demi Bra

Made for small to medium sizes only, this is a half-cup bra with padding designed to push your bust up and into the center. It’s a sexy, lacey style that oozes glamor and has smoothing side-wings. It’s perfect for low-tops and hook and eye fasteners help you adjust the fit.

Our Testers with smaller breasts loved this attractive, comfy and functional bra! It holds and supports small breasts, without being over-padded. It gave some testers their first experience of ‘cleavage’ and their romantic partners were very enthusiastic. The underwires are well-stitched to avoid them poking through and this is certainly a high-quality, bust-enhancing bra!

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2. Best Plunge T-Shirt Bra

Best Plunge T Shirt Bra

Simone Perele – Women’s Caresse 3-D Plunge Bra

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This underwired bra has smooth, ‘3-D spacer fabric’ foam-lined cups for modesty. And a nicely contoured upper edge makes it discreet under a T-shirt. The soft fabric is lightweight and stretchy. And to avoid strap-slipping, the straps are set closer than usual at the back.

Our Testers loved this bra that comes up higher at the front of your underarm, so you get a better, smoother fit. It’s has a slightly lower back to wear with low-backed dresses. And it fit and supported a 34G extremely well, and still felt light and comfy. It’s flattering and looks great, with a soft body-band and straps. It’s great quality and well-worth the price!

3. Best Lacy T-Back Plunge Bra

Maidenform – Women’s Everyday Full Coverage Racerback Bra

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This is a front closure bra, with extra coverage cups that give modesty, comfort and shaping. The lace decoration at the back is very pretty. And the sides help smooth extra breast tissue for a good fit. You can show your shoulders with this racerback style.

Our Testers said this is a great fitting bra that gives you an excellent shape and full, secure coverage. The cups fit well and do not have any ‘push-up’ effect, but they have a great plunge neckline for deep V tops and frocks. It’s good for fashion dresses and supports you during sports and exercise!

4. Best Plunge Bra for Large Breasts & Plus Sizes

Best Plunge Bra for Large Breasts Plus Sizes

Elomi – Women’s Matilda Unlined Plunge Underwire Bra with J-Hook

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This is a high-quality bra from a high-end brand specializing in larger breast sizes. The special, 4-panelled cups are excellent for giving extra support and a naturally rounded shape. You also get a low neckline for plunge without any ‘push-up’ feature. The back can easily be adjusted to a racerback with the J-hook.

Our Testers said that this was definitely one of the most comfy bras they had ever tried. They loved the elasticated neckline that ensured the cups fit their breasts perfectly. It’s highly recommended for women you have extremely large breasts, as it supports and reduces neck and back pain. The soft fabric performed brilliantly up to sizes 42I!

5. Best Convertible-Strap Plunge Bra

Best Convertible Strap Plunge Bra

Calvin Klein – Women’s Constant Convertible Lightly-Lined Demi-Bra

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This is a very popular everyday bra which has light, soft padding and no show-through. It’s smooth to wear under thin clothes and T-shirts. The demi, or half-cups, are underwired and keep their shape well. This bra also has convertible straps to make it into a racer-back.

Our Testers said this bra gives a perfect fit in the cups and band for small sizes such as a 32B. It doesn’t gape in the cups and is snug and comfortable. The fabric is soft and high-quality and the look is very smooth under shirts. The support is good and the shape is flattering for smaller sizes.

6. Best Push-Up Plunge Bra

Best Push Up Plunge Bra

Calvin Klein – Women’s Constant ‘Push-Up’ Plunge Bra  

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This is an efficient and simple push-up, plunge bra with a hook and eye fastener. The straps are adjustable and there’s an underwire to help you get plenty of push-up. The light padding gives a natural breast shape and doesn’t flatten your bust.

Our Testers said they liked that the straps were long enough for tall people with small 34A cup sizes. The non-removable padding is sufficient to lift up small and/or post-breastfeeding breasts and still be really comfortable. You get a good fit like a similar Victoria’s Secret bra, but at a far more affordable price!

7. Best Minimizer Front-Close Plunge Bra

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Bali – Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra

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This front-close plunge bra has a good-quality, plastic, barrel-clasp that is thicker than other types of front clasp. The cups can minimize the bust by up to1-3/4 inches and give strong lift and support without flattening. The straps are cushioned to reduce shoulder stress and the underwires are tipped to prevent them poking through.

Our Testers loved this bra which is great for keeping your breasts well-contained and supported. It keeps your bust still, doesn’t ride up and is a full coverage, modest bra. The lining gives you a smooth outline under T-shirts. And you get excellent fit, shape and comfort!

8. Best Sexy Lace Underwired Plunge Bra

Best Sexy Lace Underwired Plunge Bra

Natori – Feathers Contour Plunge Bra

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This is the widest plunge bra neckline, which you can wear with a more revealing dress without the edges showing. It is cute with lacey borders on the cups and body band. The cup fabric and pad are designed to mold to your personal shape. And the cups are smooth under clothing.

Our Testers said this is a great bra for A cups and smaller sizes in general, because there was absolutely no gap at the top of the cups. And the cups do run a little small, which is an advantage for some women. It’s worth the price for a very pretty, comfortable, well-fitting and flattering plunge bra!

So whether you’re looking for a plunge bra for small, medium, large or plus sizes, you can see there’s a good quality version available for you right now. So we can all wear cool and attractive low-necked tops!

Are you satisfied with the bras you find in your local area? Do you think we need more bra boutiques or do you prefer buying online where there is a bigger range of sizes and styles on offer? Let us know your opinions on bra buying and how you think things can be improved! We love hearing from you!

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