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10 Best Rain Boots for Women – Rain Footwear for Walking

Getting caught in the rain gets a little more pleasant when you’ve got a cute pair of rain boots to show off. You’ve got enough to worry about without having to wonder what to put on your feet when it’s raining outside and you want to stay warm and dry.

If you’re looking for a pair of rain boots that are both fashionable and functional, keep reading the following rain boots reviews to learn more about the top rated best women’s rain boots on the market.

10. Women’s DailyShoes Mid Calf Buckle Ankle High Hunter Rain Round Toe Rainboot

Best Rain Boots

These women’s rain boots from DailyShoes offers a modern, fashionable twist on the classic rain boot. Unlike other boots that go up to your knee, these boots only reach to your mid-calf. Despite their low length, the boots rise high enough to keep your feet and legs protected in the rainiest of weather.

In order to fit your feet as snugly and comfortably as possible, these rain boots feature an adjustable buckling strap. You can pull the strap tighter or make it looser to adjust the fit of the boots. As an added bonus, these boots are available in a wide variety of fun colors and styles. These styles range from camouflage to bright purple to the classic black pictured above.

9. NORTY Women’s Hurricane Wellie Gloss Hi-Calf Rainboot

Best Rain Boots

These NORTY rain boots are gorgeous with a classic, eye-catching glossy finish. They are available in many different colors and patterns, including bright yellow and multi-colored polka dots.

Lined with soft cotton and featuring a rubberized outside, these boots are both comfortable and protective for your legs. They rise up to your knee with a length of just over thirteen inches in order to protect your feet and your calves from the rainy weather. As an added bonus, the boots include texturized tread soles. These soles prevent you from slipping on the slick, wet ground during a rainstorm.

8. The SAK Women’s Rhythm Rain Boot

Best Rain Boots
With a padded footbed and jersey lining, these rain boots are designed with your comfort in mind. They are ready and equipped to keep your feet warm and dry all day long, no matter what kind of weather is raging outside.

These boots include a rubberized outside layer and a rubber sole in order to protect your feet and legs from outside moisture. They are available in many different fun and unique patterns. These patterns range from the spirit desert pattern pictured above to a bright flower power pattern.

7. Sam Edelman Women’s Tinsley Rain Boot

Best Rain Boots

These rain boots put a high-fashion twist on classic rain boots with their innovative ankle boot style. Beyond their stylish appearance, these boots are also extremely efficient at keeping your feet warm and dry when it’s raining outside. They feature a thick protective rubber sole and glossy rubber outer layer to prevent any water from penetrating the boots to reach your feet.

Available in many different colors ranging from olive green to dark red, these rain boots have something to satisfy any style. They also come in two different finishes: glossy and matte. As an added bonus, the rain boots are extremely easy to put on. They are equipped with a pull-on loop at the back of the boot. This loop allows you to slip the boots on and off easily even when they are wet.

6. Twisted Women’s DRIZZY Tall Cute Rubber Rain Boots

Best Rain Boots

No matter how dreary the weather is, you can’t help but have a smile on your face when you slip on a pair of these rain boots. Available in twelve different colors and patterns, each one just as bright and unique as the style pictured above, these boots are definitely never boring.

The shaft of these rain boots measures eleven inches in order to protect your feet and calves from the rain or storm. They feature a thick rubber sole that prevents you from slipping on the wet ground and keeps water from penetrating into your boots. Plus, the boots include an adjustable buckle so that you can tighten or loosen them to ensure a perfect fit.

5. Hunter Womens’s Original Tall Welly Boot

Best Rain Boots

These women’s rain boots from Hunter have a classy, timeless style. They come in fourteen different bright and neutral colors, ranging from red to pink to black, all with the classic matte finish pictured above.

Measuring sixteen inches from arch to tip, these boots are fully equipped to keep your feet and legs warm and dry all day long. They are crafted from thick, protective rubber with a comfortable inner lining to ensure that no water penetrates through into the boot.

4. Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boot

Best Rain Boots
If you’re looking for option and variety when it comes to style, you’ve found it with these Joules rain boots. The boots are available in more than forty unique colors and patterns that range from white polka dots to yellow bumblebees and everything in between.

Beyond their style, these boots are extremely functional. With a length of thirteen inches, they rise up your calf to keep your feet and legs warm and dry even when it’s raining down buckets outside. They are crafted from a blend of rayon and polyester with a protective rubber outer coating that keeps water out and warmth inside.

3. Sunville Women’s Mid Calf Waterproof Rubber Garden Rainboots

Best Rain Boots

Who could resist going out in the rain if they get to wear paw print patterns on their feet while they do it? These rain boots add fun and whimsy to rainy days with their wide variety of fun patterns and styles. These styles include the paw print-patterned boots pictured above and much, much more.

These boots feature natural rubber and rise all the way up your calf for maximum protection. They feature a rubber sole and a soft cotton lining. These features help keep your feet and legs feeling warm and comfortable even in the middle of a heavy rainstorm.

2. Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Boot

Best Rain Boots

These women’s rain boots from Nomad come in more than thirty different colors and patterns. They are available in multi-colored chevron patterns like the one pictured above as well as trellis patterns, plain colors, and more.

The rain boots rise twelve and a half inches up your calf in order to protect your feet and legs from rain. They are available in whole sizes and run large. You should keep this reality in mind when ordering to ensure that you receive the correct size.

1. Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain BootBest Rain Boots

These women’s rain boots are available in many different bright, glossy colors, including but not limited to the periwinkle shade pictured above. They feature a glossy rubber outer coating and a black rubber sole for protection from moisture and slipping.

The boots rise eleven inches up your calf. They are easy to take on and off even when wet. However, they are still high enough to protect your feet and legs from the rainy outside weather.

Your responsibilities don’t stop just because the weather turns stormy. As much as you’d love to stay inside curled up with a good book, going out in the rain is sometimes an inevitable necessity. Make your rainy day experiences a bit more cheerful by purchasing one of the top ten best women’s rain boots on this list.

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