11 Amazing Benefits of Using A Night Cream Everyday

Night Cream

Cleanser, toner, face serum, moisturizer, anti aging serum and now night cream? As women we have a tendency to use multiple facial products. Either to have better looking skin or for their anti aging qualities. Whichever, the reason may be the truth is we use many products to help our skin behave and look the way we would want it to.

We have all been told adding a night cream into our already extensive beauty routine is a great idea. However, nobody has really explained why it is such a fantastic idea. Especially the fact that we should be using a night cream on an everyday basis. We have done our research and have discovered 11 different benefits that using a night cream everyday can have on our skin.

Photo credit-beverlywilshiremedical.com
Photo credit-beverlywilshiremedical.com

Extra Hydration

The difference between your daily moisturizer and your night cream lies in the fact that a night cream is not only thicker and more hydrating it also contains anti aging properties. Although, your daily moisturizer may also contain anti aging properties a good night cream will contain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B to assist in your skin absorbing the cream better.

The reason why a night cream is also 2 times thicker than a day cream because you will not be applying any makeup on top of it so it is truly there to soak right into your skin.

Prevents Your Skin From Sagging

We all suffer from sagging skin somewhere on our face. After the age of 25 our skin begins to lose collagen. Collagen is what makes our skin appear plump and youthful. Once you begin to lose collagen in your skin, you will notice how it may sag in certain areas. That is where a good night cream will come in handy. It will help prevent sagging skin while help with rebuilding your skin’s collagen.

Helps Combat Dry Skin

As the weather changes so will our skin, especially if you have dry skin. Using a night cream every night will help you wake up with moisturized skin in the morning. Any dry patches you may have will be gone by the morning once you apply your night cream at night.

Your skin soaks up 75% of what you put on it. During night time, this number increases to 90%. What this means is 90% of the products you use at night will be absorbed into your skin to give you healthy radiant looking skin first thing in the morning.

Get Rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles are every woman’s nightmare. Not only are they highly visible but they can appear at any moment. Dark circles are usually caused by lack of sleep and/or exhaustion. However, did you know dark circles are also caused by lack of hydration in your skin?

The lack of hydration in your skin will increase the appearance of purple and blue veins in your under eye area. To help relieve the appearance of dark circle be sure to apply a good night time under eye cream. This will hydrate the area and keep your skin hydrated until the morning.

Promote an Even Complexion

Many of us are affected by uneven skin. Maybe you have had acne and now those acne marks have left behind darker areas on your skin. Or maybe you have sun damage. For whatever reason your skin may appear uneven. However, your night cream can assist with that. Your night cream will promote even skin by promoting cell renewal.

When our cells renew themselves they promote even skin. If you want to have an even complexion be sure to try a night cream that contains vitamin C. Vitamin C helps with promoting cell turnover and clearing out darker areas on your skin.

Soothe and Calm The Skin

Our skin has a tendency to become dry and irritated depending on the weather and our surroundings. During the winter months, we tend to have drier and more irritated skin. Pollution does not help either. The reason behind this is our skin drinks up what we put on it. As well as the air around us such as pollution and bad weather conditions.

Using a night cream daily prepares your skin for what the next day. It will soothe any irritation and calm your skin allowing it to look and feel better from the inside out.

Helps Fight Acne

When we think of breakouts or acne we usually think about drying out the pimple and making sure it doesn’t come back. However, although you do want to dry out the pimple during the day you also want to hydrate your skin during the night. Keeping your skin hydrated during the night time will help to prevent and fight acne.

Your skin will have the proper tools in it to fight the occasional pimple or even the acne spots you may already have. If you do have any acne spots or scars you will notice they will diminish over time if you use a night cream.

Glowing Looking Skin

Have you ever wondered why some women’s skin tends to glow while others do not? It is not entirely the makeup you use. It is in fact the skin care you use on your face. Glowing looking skin looks and feels healthier which is why so many of us want to know what products people with glowing looking skin use.

Using a hydrating and deep penetrating night cream will give you glowing looking skin in the morning. The reason for this your skin will be hydrated. Hydration is key when you want to have naturally glowing skin. The more hydrated your skin is the more beautiful and glowing it will be.

Improve Blood Circulation

If you have ever received a facial you will have noticed the professional giving you the facial will massage your face multiple times. The reason they do this is to increase the blood circulation to your face and neck. When you are applying your night cream, you want to massage it into the skin with your fingertips to cause the same effect.

Improving blood circulation to your face will help with the absorption of any product you put on your face. What this means is the benefits of your night cream will be better received by your face and you will receive more benefits out of it.

Anti aging

Let’s face it, it is never too soon to start taking good care of our skin and preparing for the inevitable process of aging. A night cream that works effectively for your skin will help with aging. The reason behind this is night creams contain double the amount of essential oils and vitamins for your skin.

This means you do not add any makeup or other beauty products on top of it. Your night cream contains anti aging properties to help your skin look and feel its very best. It helps with allowing your skin to appear youthful and free of fine lines and wrinkles.

Helps Skin Recover Faster

As we age our skin is prone to getting fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scars among many other things that may happen to our skin. Your night cream will help your skin recover faster. By helping it recover faster your skin will be easier to take care of and you won’t feel the need to wear as much makeup because of how good your skin will look and feel.

Night creams that contain essential oils such as coconut oil, grape seed oil or almond oil are the best to help your skin recover faster as well diminish acne scars. These essential oils work best with your skin’s natural oils to help your skin recover sooner rather than later.

Using a night cream on a daily basis can assist in your skin looking and feeling its very best. However, when applying your night cream be sure to not forget your neck and the tops of your hands. As the skin on your face, hands and neck are all very thin and need the hydration to stay healthy and wrinkle free. Were you surprised by any of these reasons for using a good night cream? Please tell us in the comments below.

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