How to Get the Smoothest Legs this Summer

how to get Smooth legs How to Get the Smoothest Legs this Summer

Summer is here and that means you’ll be going to the beach, wearing shorts and dresses, and showing off your beautiful skin. Speaking of skin, it’s the most important thing you need to think about during the hot season. Making it UVA ray resistant, clean, and soft should be your top priority starting with your legs. Legs are one of the most seductive parts of the human body and usually draw the most attention. Here are some tips on making them the smoothest, most gorgeous legs you’ll ever have.

1. Change your razor blade regularly

I remember having to use one of the cheap razors for the first time in forever and being completely dissatisfied. It was giving me cuts along my skin that it wasn’t even causing, and my mom told me that that means it’s a new razor. Wrong. New razors should not give you random cuts for no reason, nor should they hurt you in any way. That’s what old, dull, and nasty razor blades do. The most important decision you should ever make about your body is spending the money to properly take care of it. Cheap razors are not the answer. Getting a razor with cartridge replacements is the best idea and change them out every week to two weeks depending on how often you shave.

2. The secret to the closest shave

If you ever wonder why you can’t get a close enough shave, it’s because of the dead skin cells on your body. We shed 0.0003 ounces of skin up to every hour. Using an exfoliating scrub on your legs before shaving will remove all the dead skin cells and create the closest shave of your life. This close shave will give you the gift of not having to shave as often and leave your legs feeling smoother than before.

3. Turn your shaving cream to shaving butter

Face it, shaving cream just isn’t enough. It’s too foamy and rinses off before you get to shave it off. Shave butter is thick and super moisturizing. It allows your razor to glide right over your skin and reduces the appearance of razor burn and irritation due to excess friction. Using your conditioner is also a great alternative to shaving cream because it works and feels like shave butter.

4. Rehydrate with a new body wash

Go get your body wash and look into what’s on the ingredient list. Most of the soaps we put on our body isn’t really good for our skin. They dry us out, leave a filmy residue, and clogs our pores. Our dehydrated skin can cause our razors to leave us irritation and razor burn. It’s a good idea to change your soap to a more hydrating and skin-friendly body wash.

5. Moisturize me

Shave butter and hydrating body washes will soften your skin, but you should still use a moisturizer for extra protection. Lotions can put the good minerals and proteins back into your skin that your exfoliator took out. Make sure that when you buy a lotion, it isn’t one that just sits on the top of your skin and leaves your feeling greasy and gross. If you don’t want to use lotion, petroleum jelly is a great alternative. It doesn’t have a smell so it won’t mask your perfume. It also protects and nourishes your skin, prevents skin stains from nail polish and hair dye, and helps heal minor cuts, burns, and cracked feet. It’s always good to keep around the house whether you use it as your moisturizer or not. Another tip is to rub it on your legs before you do out to give them a glow.

Skin is important no matter where it is. We need to not only keep it healthy but protect it as well. These tips may seem like a few extra steps or more money to spend, but they’re important if you want the results. How your legs feel afterward will be your reward. You won’t regret it. Have a great summer!

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