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10 Beauty Items to Keep in Your Purse


10 Essential Beauty Items to Keep in Your Purse

Often, we as women keep our purses heavy, filled with items we don’t need. Clearing the clutter can be a huge relief, both for stress and your shoulders. The room you’ll save will leave you room to use your purse for things you could really use. That spare change that has been weighing you down is great, but it will serve you better in the bank. You can replace tons of coins with a few quarters for emergency purposes. Old receipts are important to keep, but you can put them in a safe place in case you need them later.

For every glamorous woman, there are certain items that you just cannot live without. If you’re an on-the-go type of girl, you know that a beauty nightmare can happen anywhere. If you have an important interview, but you realize before walking in that your makeup is smeared, you will want to be able to fix it. You could be on a date and spill something on your shirt. The truth is, we never know what life will throw at us at any moment of the day. I have good news. There is a way to be prepared for almost every beauty disaster. These items could make your life a little easier in the long run.

1. Beauty Items For Your Purse- Cotton Swabs


Anyone who wears eye makeup has experienced a time when their perfect makeup does not hold up. When your makeup starts to run on the go, you may have the urge to run your fingers across your face to fix it. Please, don’t do that! Your fingers can be very harsh on your face, as can loose napkins you may also feel the desire to grab. Keep cotton swabs in your purse instead. They are much more gentle and will save you from this beauty nightmare.

2. Small Sewing Kit For Your Purse

A sewing kit can be made by you or purchased at a store. The dollar store carries one that is the perfect size for your purse and contains everything you might need. The possibility of losing a button or snagging your pants on something is very real. Save yourself with a small kit like this one.

3. Mints Or Gum For On The Go

There may be nothing in the world worse than wondering if you have bad breath. Especially when you are in a situation putting you close to other people. Keep mints or gum in your bag to prevent embarrassment- just don’t forget they are there.

4. Sunglasses- Beauty Item For Your Purse

If you did not know the sun can damage your eyes, you learned something new today. Besides that, squinting on a sunny day can cause unwanted and premature wrinkles. I have never met a woman who finds the idea of wrinkles appealing.

5. Keeping Sunscreen In Your Purse- Health and Beauty

Along the same lines as sunglasses, sunscreen is a beauty item meant to protect and prevent. Everyone knows the risk of skin cancer when it comes to being out in the sun but often go without sunscreen. Even in the winter, if the sun is out you are at risk.  Keep a small bottle of sunscreen in your purse to protect yourself from the harshness of the sun, so you can stay beautiful, longer.

6. Stain Remover Detergent Pen- Purse Must-Haves


If you can honestly say you have never had a stain mishap happen on the go, you might be my hero. Far more often than I should admit, I have ended up with something spilling on me. Keeping a detergent stick with you at all times could be your hero if you were to end up in the same situation. There are plenty of tutorials that can show you how to make your own at home if you are into DIY. Throw it in your purse and you will be prepared.

7. Makeup Must-Haves For On The Go

Keeping all of your makeup with you at all times is not exactly realistic. If you put every brush and shade of color that you use on your face in your purse, it will fill up very quickly. Instead, you can use a small bag and just carry the needed items with you. Mascara, a small compact of powder foundation, eyeliner, chapstick, and a small shadow palette is just enough to keep you looking fresh.

8. Bobby Pins- Hair Item To Keep In A Purse

If you have ever spent a good amount of time doing your hair, just to step outside and be greeted by the wind, you know how important bobby pins can be. Instead of just throwing your hair into a ponytail, bobby pins can save you quickly from a hair nightmare. You will be able to leave your hair down, keeping it secure despite bad weather.

9. Tweezers- Essential Purse Beauty Items

Having perfect brows only comes naturally for a handful of women. If you are running late and realize your brows are a little overgrown, you will be able to fix that if you keep tweezers handy on the go. My best advice is to keep your tweezers in your makeup bag to keep them from getting lost in a big purse.

10. Lotion- Beauty Item For Your Purse

Dry skin is certainly not attractive. If you are going to be shaking hands, or just have anyone looking at your hands, you will want them to look their best. A travel sized lotion can be your best friend if you forgot to moisturize those fingers just before a big interview.

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