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Top 8 Best Setting Powders


8 Best Setting Powders You Can Try This Year

Setting your makeup is one of the most important parts of applying your makeup. No matter how well you apply your makeup, it won’t look good when it begins to fade and crease throughout the day. Even if you invest in the most high-end, top-quality makeup products, setting your makeup is still vital in order to ensure that it will last as long as possible.

There are multiple different ways to set your makeup. Setting sprays and setting powders are two of the most common methods of setting your makeup. Both of these products can be extremely effective at extending the lifespan of your beautiful daily makeup looks. There are different advantages and disadvantages to both of these products. Setting spray creates a dewey finish for your makeup, while setting powder helps give your makeup a matte finish. If you have oily skin, setting powder is probably a better choice for you in order to ensure that your skin retains a shine-free finish throughout the day. High-quality setting powders do not make your makeup look cakey. Instead, they offer an invisible protective seal that keeps your makeup looking fresh and new all day long. Read the following Setting Powders reviews to buy your favorite one.

8. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Top 8 Best Setting Powders

This light setting powder from Laura Mercier feels weightless on your skin while providing a brightening finish. It leaves no powdery residue behind after application and offers an invisible sheen that brightens up your skin. Because of its brightening properties, you should apply this setting powder only to areas of your skin that benefit from natural highlighting to avoid an oily or greasy finish.

The powder comes with a variety of benefits. It minimizes the visibility of blemishes on your skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening your skin and significantly extending the lifespan of the makeup on your face.


7. Ben Nye Neutral Set Setting Powder Top 8 Best Setting Powders

As its title suggests, this setting powder is completely neutral. It has no pigmentation and does not leave behind any white or powdery residue on your skin. The powder also does not change the finish of your makeup. It is a light powder that helps your makeup last longer without disrupting its finish or causing your skin to look cakey.

The powder does not cause flashback. It is photography-friendly and allows you to set your makeup with a powder without worrying about visible white residue in pictures. While it does not cause your makeup to look caked or excessively matte, the powder does absorb oil from your skin in order to ensure that it retains its silky, shine-free finish all day long.


6. New York Color Smooth Skin Loose Face PowderTop 8 Best Setting Powders

This top-quality setting powder from New York Color leaves your skin with a soft and silky finish. It smooths out the texture of your skin and helps it maintain a soft glow without appearing unnatural. The powder also provides you with a matte finish that controls oil and shine in your skin all day long.

The powder has a very light texture. It does not weigh down your skin or your makeup. Instead, the powder provides your skin with a light, weightless dusting that keeps it feeling fresh.


5. Covergirl Translucent Finishing Powder

Top 8 Best Setting Powders

This translucent powder from Covergirl is a professional-quality setting powder that blends easily into your makeup and provides it with a light and weightless finish. It is an extremely versatile powder that complements any skin tone from fair to deep because of its translucent finish that is free of pigmented white residue.

The powder is very light and gives your skin a matte finish to keep it free of shine and oil throughout the day. However, it does not add weight to your makeup and leaves your pores clear without clogging them. The powder functions primarily to keep your makeup looking fresh with a finish that looks natural.


4. Mehron Setting Powder

Top 8 Best Setting Powders

This setting powder from Mehron has ultrafine particles. These tiny particles allow the powder to set your makeup efficiently without weighing down your makeup. The powder is free of any clumps and can be used on top of any makeup without leaving a visible finish.

Along with extending the lifespan of the rest of your makeup, this powder has anti-perspirant qualities. It provides your skin with a matte finish and allows it to stay free of oil all day long even if you sweat.


3. Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder – best drugstore setting powder

Top 8 Best Setting Powders

This loose face powder from Coty Airspun is light and translucent. It is the perfect choice for an effective setting powder that keeps your makeup in place without fading, smearing, or creasing all day long. The powder also provides your skin with a perfecting touch that hides blemishes and smooths out visible imperfections in texture such as fine lines and wrinkles.

The powder will not irritate your skin. It is tested by dermatologists in order to ensure that it will not harm your skin in any way. Instead, this powder feels lightweight on your skin and provides it with a flawless finish without weighing it down.


2. Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder

Top 8 Best Setting Powders

This powder is designed specifically for multi-cultural women. It comes in one shade that blends into many different skin tones but particularly complements darker shades. The powder can be used effectively as a setting powder, finishing powder, perfecting powder, and to bake your makeup.

This powder is a finely milled powder. The particles within the powder are very fine. These particles feel lightweight on your skin and do not leave any powdery residue behind. Instead, the fine particles of powder fill in your pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and other uneven textures of your skin to leave your skin looking and feeling smooth. This ultrafine powder also provides your skin with a matte finish. It controls the oil on your face in order to help your skin retain a shine-free all day long.


1. e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder – best setting powder for oily skin

Top 8 Best Setting Powders

This translucent powder from e.l.f. Cosmetics gives your skin a high-definition finish as though it has been naturally airbrushed. It provides your skin with a flawless finish that makes any visible imperfections on your face, including wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes, invisible. The powder helps your skin appear radiant and keeps your makeup where you want it until you decide to take it off.

Once you apply it, this powder is invisible on your skin. It is completely translucent and leaves no white or powdery residue behind. The invisibility and lightness of the powder ensures that you can set your makeup without worrying about weighing it down or disturbing its natural finish.


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