Top-Selling Private Label Products for 2024 – Start a Profitable Online Business from Home!

private label products 1 Top-Selling Private Label Products for 2024 - Start a Profitable Online Business from Home!

Want to start a top-selling, Private Label Products business this year?

If you get it right, this can be a highly profitable online business you can work from home – before you expand and build an empire!

What Are Private Label Products?

Private Label Products

Private label products are goods and services created by one company, but branded and retailed by a separate company.

The retailing company pays the product manufacturer to produce, brand and deliver the item to the retailer’s store.

As the retailer, you would be completely in charge of every part of the product, from the original idea to the design, choosing materials or ingredients and the packaging.

Examples of well-known private label product brands include:

  • Tesco Everyday Value
  • IKEA Target’s Mainstays
  • H & M
  • Walmart’s Great Value brand
  • Amazon’s Amazon Essentials

How to Choose the Best Private Label Products?

The first thing you’ll need to know is which Private Label Products are in high demand right now.

So this article will cut your research-time down from:

 ‘Oh – I’ll start trying to find out what are the best-sellers tomorrow . . . I guess . . .or next weekend, maybe . . .’  

–  to a speedy, 5 minute read!

HerStyleCode is obsessed with researching, testing and reviewing – because we know our readers have busy lives!

So let’s get right to it and start discovering the easiest and best-selling private label products that could be bringing in a huge profit for you this year!

1. Private Label Products – Essential Oils

private-label-products Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy are part of the incredible growth of the beauty industry and a very good example of a private label product with great potential.

The US Essential Oil market was recently valued at 3.36 billion dollars, with an estimated growth potential of 9% between 2016 – 2024!

Demand is possibly highest in the US, where there are more than 200 different types of Essential Oil on offer.

Focus your private label Essential Oils business on the oils used for:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Meditation oils

My advice is to ignore the Essential Oils used in the food and drink industry, as that would mean having to maintain the strict Food & Drink Administration standards.

And the demand for health-enhancing, Essential Oils used for aromatherapy, massage and meditation is greater, with higher profit margins, too!

2. Private Label Products – Electronics & Gadgets

Do you constantly mislay your phone-charger and need a way to keep it conveniently close at hand?

When mobile phones were a new gadget, but too heavy to carry in your pocket, people were constantly mislaying them in the home or office.

So eventually, someone invented ceramic mobile-phone desk-stands shaped like cute animals so you always knew where your phone was and didn’t keep losing it.

Inventing a simple, but clever way to make life easier is always a lucrative way to enter the private label product market.

Competition is strong in this area, but with perfect attention to every detail, you can carve out a nice little niche for your product.

Think about smaller items, like a clip-on charger-beeper that works when you clap your hands etc., rather than trying to include all electronics in your business.

Here are some new ideas for a private label electronics brand:

  • Mini-drones
  • USB fans
  • Natural light, Wake-up Lights that clip-on to your headboard
  • Wireless charging stations
  • Wireless earphones

3. Private Label Products – Phone Accessories

Popular private label products like card wallets, self-charging phone cases, car mounts for phones and Popsockets are so trendy right now, you won’t be surprised to hear that the market in mobile phone accessories is expecting to reach 107.3 billion US dollars this year.

If you start with a small, niche market and develop your product range from that point, dealing in private label phone accessory products isn’t difficult – and the margins are enormous!

First you need to launch your brand, and then offer small products to get your sales moving.

I would recommend easy purchases like a keyring-chain to keep your phone attached to your belt, so if a thief lifts it out of your pocket or bag, it’s still attached to you.

Consider these private label product, phone accessory, ideas:

  • Fish-eye, clip-on lenses
  • Self-charge smart phone case
  • Smartphone screens that protect you from blue-light

4. Private Label Products – LED Lights

LED lighting has proved so versatile that it has been incorporated into many decorative products.

And demand for energy-efficient, eco-friendly LED lighting is shooting up every year!

At present it’s pretty butterfly-shaped fairy-lights, neon LED room décor, Christmas lights and a hundred other novel shapes.

But who knows what other products will carry an LED light in the future?

So LED which is safer and sturdier than incandescent light-bulbs is an excellent private label product idea.

Before you dive in, though, do careful research to find which use of LED lights gives the best investment return!

Think about innovative new products with LED lights added, such as gloves with neon LED and you can start a niche private label business that could become very successful.

5. Private Label Products – Fishing Equipment & Accessories

Although fishing remains a highly popular activity, there’s been a reduction in the number of physical stores during the last few years.

And many businesses have been transferred to online stores.

Fishermen/women aren’t so interested in cheap, knock-off products, so it’s best to feature high-quality items like great fishing-rods and good bait.

These are the more expensive items, and will yield a better profit margin, too!

Fishing is a seasonal activity, so you need to target an international market.

Look into global shipping opportunities, in order to gain a larger market and extra flexibility with your marketing campaign.

Consider these items:

  • A range of quality fishing-rods
  • A wide variety of fishing flies
  • Protective fishing clothing

6. Private Label Products – Fashion & Clothing

Everyone needs clothing and some folks are obsessed with wearing particular fashion brands, which could be streetwear or sustainable designer garments.

So this is a huge market!

However, the best way to get started in a mass-market is to start small and try to carve out your own private label product niche.

This will avoid you being in competition with products and business-people that have far more power in the market.

First of all, decide what you want your brand to represent – this could be vegan values, sustainability, fast-fashion, whatever you want.

And of course, what small part of the market you want to enter into – jeans, daytime dresses, shirts, dress trousers et cetera.

Aim to make a success of your small business, and as you gain in sales volume and brand recognition, you can start to expand with additional garments and fresh collections.

Fortunately, clothing manufacturers do not expect customers to place orders for hundreds of pieces of each product.

This allows you to order very small quantities, even 5 – 10 pieces, to advertise and see how many orders you receive.

These are some of the best fashion and clothing garments that are selling fast right now and would make excellent private label products:

  • Maternity dresses
  • Rain ponchos
  • Smart sneakers
  • Yoga pants

7. Private Label Products – Yoga Accessories

Yoga has increased in popularity incredibly during the last few years and according to an article in in The Good Body, the number of Americans practicing yoga shot up by 50% in the period between 2012 and 2016.

And it is thought that there are more than 300 million yoga devotees around the world, with at least 6,000 yoga studios in the US.

Check the demand for yoga accessories by looking on Amazon, and you’ll see how high the demand is right now.

The advantage of having various yoga accessories as your private label products is they’re easy to manufacture, pack and ship and are affordable for everyone!

Consider these items for re-branding:

  • Gender-neutral yoga garments
  • Squat-proof leggings
  • Vegan gym-mats

8. Private Label Products – Tracking Devices

The market for GPS Tracking devices is estimated to reach 2.89 billion dollars by next year!

And measured from 2017, this represents a compound annual growth rate of 12.91%, so it’s a great place to begin your business.

A key factor in this market’s growth rate is its small size, making it easy to embed in other smart products.

And small items are cheaper and easier to ship around a larger area.

By the end of this year, most online customers will have bought a tracking device of one sort or another.

It may be attached to their phone, keys, pets or children.

Consider these GPS private label products:

  • GPS add-ons for smart clothing
  • GPS trackers for valuable items such as paintings, cars, etc.
  • GPS tracking stickers for smart-phones and lap-tops
  • GPS tracking footwear insoles for kids 

9. Private Label Products – Snacks & Soft Drinks

This is a great idea for anyone who loves cooking, baking and experimenting with different ingredients.

You can invent your own, new snack or soft drink – probably with a health-enhancing tag to get noticed.

The essential part of doing well with a food-linked private label product is creating a super-strong brand name and identity.

There are scores of chocolate bar brands in stores, but most of us only recall a few of the biggest brands.

You can get a good idea of which types of snack are selling best by doing a Google search and by taking a look on Amazon.

And, remember, producing something that will appeal to a niche, snack market will make your brand stronger!

Some of these niches include:

  • Gluten-free snacks
  • Matcha tea
  • Vegan gummy-candy

10. Private Label Products – Travel Accessories

The travel industry is experiencing a surge of travelers right now, and this means the demand for travel accessories is very high.

There will always be a steady demand for toiletry bags with small, refillable bottles for face-creams, conditioner and shampoo – and nail clippers!

If you choose travel accessories, you need to be well-aware of the type of packaging to use, as it makes a big difference to the target market.

For example, business travelers don’t buy brightly-colored, cute accessories and young holiday-makers don’t buy anything plain and discreetly-colored.

So decide exactly what market you’re going for, or offer several different packaging designs.

And if you emphasize the eco-friendly aspects of your packaging, you can attract more customers.

Always use eco-awareness to improve your brand appeal.


  • Foldable hair-dryers
  • Hang-up travel-bags
  • Travel toothbrushes from bio-degradable materials

11. Private Label Products – Lunchboxes

Another great product to launch a private label products business is the humble lunchbox.

It’s a very popular product with a wide customer-base, including school-kids, workers and students, who all have their favorite type of style, color or pattern.

And as the cost-of-living is spiraling for everyone this year, more and more people are switching to taking a home-made lunch with them as they start their day.

Take a look at, which has over 7,000 search results for ‘lunchboxes’, to see what the competition is offering and what’s most popular this year.

And think about these products:-

  • Lunch tote-bags
  • Reusable snack- and sandwich-wraps
  • Stackable lunch boxes

12. Top Private Label Products – BBQ Grilling Accessories

Everyone loves a barbecue and so this is a market which will be expanding for the foreseeable future!

Mmm mm … I can smell that grilled meat sizzling right now!

Getting your private label on a couple of grilling accessories is easy, if you come up with an appealing brand-name to put on quality products.

You will need to be completely compliant with local regulations if you start with a private label product that contains any chemicals or butane.

Catch potential customers’ attention with brightly colored items like:

  • Grilling utensils
  • High-quality firewood
  • Sauce-bottle holders

13. Private Label Products – Rain Ponchos

The term, ‘rain poncho’ gets more than 50,000 monthly searches on Amazon, so the demand is enormous!

Furthermore, rain ponchos are cheap and easy to produce, can be packed simply and worn by anyone, so this makes it a very attractive private label product.

Come up with a great brand name and add an appealing logo, various patterns or cute animal image and off you go!

14. Private Label Products – Terrariums for House-Plants

Terrariums are a way to bring the ‘outside inside’ and are attractive, transparent containers that can hold a number of different plants to create a mini-garden.

And they are very appealing to city-dwellers and to make city-based, work-places more user-friendly.

The more that urban spaces take-over our world; the more we need to replicate the experience of nature, and seeing green plants around us.

A US National Gardening Report of 2016 reported that 37% of millennials grow herbs and house-plants indoors.

Plant-filled terrariums make superior room décor items that look a lot classier than some cheap or expensive ornaments and the variety available is enormous!

And any plant-growing activity is well-known as an excellent, stress-relieving hobby!

15. Private Label Products – Smart Backpacks

Almost everyone uses a backpack these days, from schoolkids, to university students to smartly dressed women with a vegan-leather, back-pack bag!

And the smart backpack has just entered the market as a way to complement the devices we carry with us every day.

So this is a fledgling market that’s open to anyone with the speed and nous to get in there fast!

The demand is already proven, so you just need to offer a smart backpack with expansion batteries to charge-up devices, and extra USB ports!

No particular backpack or smart backpack brand dominates the market, so it’s wide open to more competition.

The international smart backpack market is predicted to have grown by 5.55% from 2017 to the end of this year – and maybe more starting from next year!

Who wouldn’t like to charge their phone or tablet while they’re away from home, office or workplace?

Few people have a backpack brand preference, so you just need to add a great brand name and logo, plus one of these extras to get your foot firmly in the door:

  • Anti-theft pockets
  • Built-in power bank
  • Built-in USB cables

16. Private Label Products – Card Games for Parties

Party games are another example of the fastest-growing private label categories at present.

In 2019, party games racked up 11.2 billion US dollars in sales and this market is expected to have an annual growth rate of 9% between 2021 and 2025.

Focus on games such as, ‘What Do You Meme?’ and, ‘Cards Against Humanity’, as they are popular with all age-groups.

Party games have a lot of brand-equity, which means building a brand for this private label product is an excellent plan.

The most basic and easy way is to purchase ready-made games from a manufacturer and imprint your brand on them.

A more challenging, and complicated, approach is to design a game yourself and pay a manufacturer to make it for you.

It’s more difficult to design your own game, of course, but far more profitable in the long-term!

Adult-related card games, such as, ‘Cards Against Humanity’, will produce a wider market.

17. Private Label Products – Organic Cotton Clothes & Accessories

Organic cotton is an eco-friendly, sustainable product that’s in high demand these days.

It’s used for underwear, sheets, T-shirts and simple cotton pads, making it a great candidate for a private label business.

Check Google Trends to confirm how much global interest there is right now.

  • Organic cotton sustainable lingerie
  • Organic cotton period-panties
  • Organic cotton underwear

18. Private Label Products – Gardening Tools & Accessories

Demand for gardening tools and accessories is increasing year on year, as we learn to value this healthy, stress-busting hobby!

So you could easily start a business with an eye-catching brand and great photos of your high-quality gardening accessories on social media.

Get started with these great ideas:

  • Flower pots
  • Seeds (flowers and vegetables)
  • Shovels and cutters

19. Private Label Products – Keto-Diet Quick Snacks

Keto-snacks has a fast-growing customer-base and could be very successful for you if you get on this hot trend early!

Demand is expected to explode this year.

Mordor Intelligence published a report in 2020, reporting that:

‘The global ketogenic diet food market is projected to grow at a CA growth rate of 5.3% in 2020 – 2025.’

The majority of food products in this group are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping, and this is an extra advantage for your potential clients.

20. Private-Label-Products – Detox Products

Detox products are incredibly in demand right now and makes an excellent private label product or white-label option.

The attractive benefit of this product choice is that you can super-boost your profits easily, simply be creating a strong brand name!

The market for detox products is expected to reach an amazing 69.85 billion dollars by 2025, with a growth rate of 4.6%.

21. Private Label Products – Vegan Products

Anything plastic that can be made from an organic material is in very high demand that continues to rise every year!

And that means stuff like vegetable sponges for dish-washing, bamboo toothbrushes and similar ideas.

The benefits are that these products are cheap and easy to manufacture and generally light-weight and easy to package.

Vegan products usually have high profit margins and are a great private label product opportunity!

22. Private Label Products – Eyewear

It’s quite possible to launch a private label line of eyewear including both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Fashionable designs are a big factor in people changing their eye-wear, and many people complain about eyewear frames that are easily broken.

So to be competitive, you could sell sturdier frames with the latest fashion designs and build up your brand fast.

A well-branded, durable private label at reasonable prices will attract plenty of customers!

Find a reliable manufacturer that also offers prescription lenses and sunglasses and offer trend-setting, fashionable products to get ahead of your competition.

Consider these ideas:

  • Glasses with in-built technology
  • High-performance sports-glasses
  • Light-weight but durable frames

Why Choose the Private Label Products Business Model?

Compared to a business that just re-sells established brands, a private label products business offers higher profit margins.

And this is because you can manage and control the upfront costs of manufacturing and shipping.

Of course, building an eye-catching and appealing brand is not easy and you will probably have to deal with a number of problems as you learn the business.

But ultimately, if you do plenty of research and manage to build a strong brand name, you can achieve amazing results with private label products!

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  1. Which of these private label products appeals to you most – and why?
  2. Have you tried any private label products yourself – how did it go?
  3. Can you recommend any private label manufacturers with whom you have worked and now trust?

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