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Top 8 Best Receipt Printers 2021: Portable, USB, Wireless, Bluetooth Receipt Printer

Receipt Printers

Best Selling Receipt Printer Reviews

Giving your customers a receipt for the sale of a product or service is an integral part of running a successful business. In order to give out receipts to your customers, however, you have to have a receipt printer. Receipt printers are machines that are generally connected to the cash register at your place of business. When you make a sale to a customer, the receipt printer prints out a tangible copy of their receipt for them to hold on to for returns or records.

There are three main types of receipt printers: inkjet, thermal, and impact. There are different advantages and disadvantages of each type of receipt printer depending on your needs and preferences for your business.

  • Thermal printers, however, are the most common type of modern receipt printer and are often considered to be the most effective. They have very high print quality and also print extremely quickly and quietly.
  • Inkjet printers are cheaper than thermal printers, but maintenance cost for ink cartridges can add up in the long run. This type of printer works well for printing coupons or color logos onto your receipts.
  • The main advantage of impact receipt printers is that they are simple to use. In general, thermal receipt printers are considered to be the best choice for your modern business.

Read the following Receipt Printer reviews to buy your favorite one.

8. Citizen America Thermal Receipt Printer

Receipt Printers

This receipt printer is a thermal printer that uses line thermal dot print technology to print receipts quickly and in color. It features two-color printing capabilities and has a fast print speed of one hundred sixty millimeters per second. The printer includes USB connectivity technology in order to allow you to effortlessly hook the printer up to your compute or cash register for easy printing.

Two of the most frustrating problems with receipt printers are generally their lack of eco-friendliness and frequent paper cutting jams. This receipt printer addresses and solves both of these problems. It has a special save paper function and features halogen-free housing in order to minimize its negative impact on the environment. Plus, the printer includes a cutter jam release function that makes annoying receipt paper jams a thing of the past.


7. Star Micronics TSP Thermal Receipt Printer

Receipt Printers

This receipt printer is a two-color, direct line thermal printer that works efficiently at top speed. The printer features USB connection capabilities that allows it to be easily linked with your cash register, computer, Square Stand, or any other device that has an available USB connection.

The printer comes with a sample roll of receipt paper to get you started with your printing right away. Its print quality is superb; the receipts it prints are always easy to read and can be printed in color depending on your preferences. As an added bonus, the printer is eco-friendly. It only turns on when you actively want to use it in order to save as much energy as possible.


6. Epson Thermal Receipt Printer

Receipt Printers

This printer from Epson using direct thermal printing technology in order to print top-quality receipts in black and white ink. It prints extremely quickly at a speed of up to three hundred millimeters per second. The printer features USB connectivity and is compatible with eighty or fifty-eight millimeter paper sizes.

The receipt printer includes many different special features as well. It features drop-in paper loading for quick and easy paper refill. Plus, it includes an auto cutter that quickly and efficiently cuts receipts without jamming.


5. Star Micronics Eco-Friendly Receipt Printer

Receipt Printers

This receipt printer is a thermal all-in-one inclusive printer. It includes an internal power supply, a power cable, an interface cable, a paper roll, and complete mounting kits. The printer has exclusive USB connectivity and connects to your cash register, Square Stand, or computer for easy printing.

The printer also includes innovative software. This software allows you to design and modify the receipts you want to print. You can add monochrome logos, coupons, bar codes, and more to your receipts in order to customize them for your business’s needs and preferences.


4. Star Micronics Monochrome Receipt Printer

Receipt Printers

This printer is a thermal receipt printer that is perfect for your basic business receipt printing needs. It prints in monochrome gray ink and produces standard receipt type that is easy for the average consumer to read. The printer has Ethernet connection capabilities and features an included power cable so that you can start using your printer immediately.

This printer comes with an auto cutter feature that cuts receipts quickly and effortlessly without jamming. It also includes software that allows you to redesign your receipts with logos, coupons, and more in order to fit the needs and preferences of your unique business.


3. Epson Direct Thermal Printer

Receipt Printers

This thermal receipt printer from Epson allows you to print top-quality receipts at a high speed of up to two hundred millimeters of paper and type per second. It does not include Ethernet or Bluetooth capabilities, but it features USB and Serial connectivity for easy use.

The printer not only prints basic receipt type. It is also capable of printing logos, graphics, barcodes, and more. This feature adds options to your receipt design and allows you to customize them for you business. As an added bonus, the printer includes paper saving options. These options allow you to reduce the amount of receipt paper the printer uses by up to thirty percent. This feature saves you money on paper and is beneficial for the environment.


2. Casio Portable Printing Calculator

Receipt Printers

This printing calculator can double as a portable receipt printer. While it might not act as your main receipt printer, it is a great tool to have around in times of power outages or any other technology malfunction that prevents you from using your regular receipt printer.

The calculator works quickly and can print up to one-point-six lines per second. It includes a high-quality LED display that is extremely easy to read. The printer prints up to twelve digits per line and is perfect for simple calculations for your business. As an added bonus, the calculator printer features a tax and currency exchange function that is perfect for retail sales.


1. Star Micronics Bluetooth Receipt Printer

Receipt Printers

This printer is a top-quality thermal receipt printer that prints at speeds of up to three hundred millimeters per second. It includes many features that make printing receipts for your business much faster and easier. The printer comes with drop-in paper loading features and a reliable guillotine cutter that prevents jams.

This receipt printer is a modern device that is compatible with Bluetooth for easy wireless printing. The printer is extremely easy to pair with any of your Bluetooth-capable devices; it connects very quickly with almost no user interaction required. It also works with the WebPRNT browser application that makes receipt printing even more effortless.


Receipt printers are a necessity for any successful business. When your customers leave your place of business, their receipt is what they take away with them. Make sure that you’re giving your customers the best possible impression of your business with the receipts that you print for them. These thermal receipt printers can help you print high-quality, customizable receipts that match the needs and preferences of your business.

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