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10 Gorgeous Bob Haircuts with Balayage You Should Try This Year!


Taking on the task of balayage-ing a bob means taking on a major challenge. Bobs are short cuts that often feature multiple layers of different lengths, which makes them especially difficult to balayage in a way that looks natural and seamless.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to balayage a bob, though. In fact, a bob haircut with balayage is currently one of the top trendiest hairstyles. If you’re in need of inspiration for balayage for your bob, check out the 10 bob haircuts in this post. These 10 bob haircuts feature gorgeous balayage that looks sophisticated and natural and was designed specifically for shorter layered cuts. 

1. Wavy Blonde Bob with Balayage and Shadow Root

Subtle balayage weaves lighter blonde and darker dirty blonde tones through the layers of this blunt shoulder-length bob. These balayage-d top layers give this blonde bob more dimension and a bright finish.

A shadow root adds a natural-looking finish to this wavy blonde bob and helps extend the time you can wait between salon appointments.

2. Brunette Bob with Honey Blonde Balayage

Gorgeous Bob Haircuts with Balayage

It’s easy for one-tone brunette hair to look dull. Blonde balayage prevents this style from looking dull or flat, adding dimension and a bright finish to this brunette bob.

This brunette bob features honey blonde balayage that adds brightness to this bob cut without causing too much damage to your hair with excessive bleaching. Its honey blonde layers are warm just like its brunette undertones to ensure a natural-looking finish for this style.

3. Strawberry Blonde Bob with Light Balayage

Gorgeous Bob Haircuts with Balayage

Strawberry blonde like the shade you see above is all the rage right now in the world of women’s hair and fashion, which makes this strawberry blonde bob ultra-trendy this season.

Light, warm-toned blonde balayage adds dimension to this bob. The lighter hand-painted layers of this bob brighten up its beautiful shade of strawberry blonde with an eye-catching, seamless finish that looks completely natural.

4. Purple and Brunette Bob with Balayage

Gorgeous Bob Haircuts with Balayage

This ultra-trendy and daring balayage-d bob blends together dark purple and lilac tones with brunette roots to create an attention-grabbing style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

It features a brunette shadow root that gives this purple and brunette balayage-d bob a natural-looking finish and extends the amount of time you can wait between root touchups at the salon. Its deep brown shadow root fades into elegant dark purple and bright lilac at the ends. You can style this gorgeous cut in many different ways. The possibilities are endless with this one-of-a-kind purple and brunette balayage-d bob.

5. Cool Blonde Bob with Shadow Root and Subtle Purple Balayage

Gorgeous Bob Haircuts with Balayage

This one-of-a-kind cool blonde bob features a brunette shadow root and subtle light purple balayage that adds fun, feminine flair to this style without grabbing too much attention.

A brunette shadow root gives this cut dimension and a more natural-looking finish. Intentionally faded light purple balayage adds interest and bold style to this bob without forcing you too far out of your comfort zone.

6. Brunette Bob with Subtle Balayage

balayage bob haircut

Balayage can be very subtle, as you can see from this brunette bob with ultra-subtle lighter brown balayage.

Barely-there balayage enhances this style by adding dimension and brightness for a luminous, streamlined finish that never falls flat.

7. Blonde Bob with Brunette Balayage and Shadow Root

balayage bob hairstyle

This unique blonde bob blends together bright blonde tones and deep brunette tones to create a one-of-a-kind style with a seamless finish.

The dark brunette shadow root of this blonde bob gives this bob a more natural-looking, streamlined finish. Brunette undertones add to the natural-looking style of this bob without disturbing its bright blonde shade.

8. Shoulder-Length Brunette Bob with Blonde Balayage

Back view of layered balayage bob hairstyle

Side view of bob hairstyle with balayage

Balayage doesn’t have to steal the spotlight away from the rest of your look, as you can see from this shoulder-length brunette bob with subtle blonde balayage.

Subtle blonde balayage prevents this brunette bob from looking flat or dull. It enhances this style with a seamless finish that looks completely natural.

9. Blonde Bob with Brunette Balayage Shadow Root

balayage bob hair styles for women

This bright blonde bob features a unique blunt brunette balayage shadow root that extends from the top of your roots halfway down the length of this bob that falls between your chin and shoulders.

This shadow root adds a natural-looking finish to this one-of-a-kind bob cut. It also extends the time you can wait between salon appointments for root touchups.

10. Blunt Brunette Bob with Blonde Balayage

best balayage bob hairstyle

Blonde balayage brightens up brunette hair to keep it from looking flat or dull, like in this beautiful, bright blunt brunette bob with blonde balayage.

This brunette bob features warm-toned honey blonde balayage that adds a luminous finish to this style without causing too much bleach damage to your hair.

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