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Top 8 Best Water Filter Systems 2020: Best Water Filter System Reviews

There are more than two thousand one hundred contaminants that are readily present in unfiltered drinking water. Many of these contaminants are actually classified as poisons and can be very harmful to your health. Consuming unfiltered water is a leading cause of contracting many different epidemic diseases that are dangerous and can even be life-threatening. Some unfiltered drinking water even contains lead, which is a damaging poison. Consuming lead in the water that you drink is a common cause of cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities, and other developmental problems within children.

Many people choose to drink bottled water in order to avoid drinking the contaminants in unfiltered drinking water. However, consistently drinking individual bottled waters is extremely harmful to the environment. The plastic material from which water bottles are made eventually ends up in landfills and does its part to destroy fragile ecosystems around the world.

Water filter systems can improve the cleanliness of your water and improve your health and wellbeing. If you have a quality water filter system, you can feel content in knowing that you are drinking clean water that is free of contaminants.

Read the following Water Filter System reviews to buy the suitable one.

8. DuPont Water Filter System

Best Water Filter Systems

This water filter system filters up to fifteen thousand gallons of water before it needs to be replaced. The filter not only cleans the water you drink. It also extends the life of your faucet by reducing the sediment in your water supply.

The filter cleans your water and helps it taste better. With this filter, your water looks much more clear and clean when it comes out of your faucet. The system removes contaminants from the water in your home or office in order to keep you and your family healthy and safe.



7. New Wave Enviro Water Filter System

Best Water Filter Systems

This thorough water filter system from New Wave Enviro features ten different stages of filtration in order to efficiently clean your drinking water until it reaches a completely safe level. This system removes dangerous contaminants including but not limited to herbicides, pesticides, toxic heavy metals, chlorine, and many other potentially harmful organic contaminants. It also works to eliminate contaminants that give the water you drink unpleasant odors.

This water filter is very long-lasting. One individual filter cleans up to one thousand five hundred gallons of your water before it needs to be replaced. This means that one filter should have a lifespan of approximately one year in a four-person home with regular usage. The water filter system cleans and clears your water as well as makes it taste noticeably better. It is very compact and attaches effortlessly to any standard faucet system.


6. Big Berkey Countertop Water Filter System

Best Water Filter Systems

This efficient water filter system is a countertop appliance that fits easily on your kitchen counter or any other flat surface in order to provide you with clean, filtered water whenever you need it. The system features a stainless steel construction, two filters, and two fluoride elements. Its stainless steel housing and spigot improves the taste of the water and prevents any type of mold or bacterial development within the system.

Each individual filter in the system filters up to three thousand gallons of water before it needs to be replaced. Therefore, this two-filter system cleans up to six thousand gallons of water in its lifetime. The appliance holds more than two gallons of water at one time and is designed for standard use by up to sixteen people in a household. With this water filter system, you will always know that the water you drink is safe and clean.


5. APEC Water Systems Water Filter System for Home

Best Water Filter Systems

This water filter system from APEC Water Systems is an appliance that fits easily underneath your sink for invisible, efficient water filtration. It functions through reverse osmosis technology. This technology works to remove more than ninety-nine percent of potentially harmful contaminants from the water you drink. These contaminants include heavy metals, fluoride, bacteria, chlorine, and more than one thousand others.

This amazing system can transform standard tap water to taste superior to bottled water. It operates extremely quietly and fits easily in any standard under-sink kitchen cabinet. The filters are very long-lasting and provide you with unlimited clean water at all times.


4. Zen Water Systems Countertop Water Filter System

Best Water Filter Systems

This water filter system is compact, portable, and fits easily on any countertop or other flat surface. However, despite its small size, the filter system is incredibly efficient and thorough. It holds up to four to eight gallons of water at one time, depending on the system size you choose.

Along with removing harmful contaminants from the water you drink, this system also adds minerals to the water. These added minerals improve the water’s quality and transform standard tap water into top-notch mineralized drinking water.


3. iSpring Water Filter System Best Water Filter Systems

This under-sink water filter system filters more than ninety-nine percent of harmful contaminants from the water you drink. These contaminants include chlorine, lead, fluoride, pesticides, arsenic, sulfur, and many more.

Because it is crafted from quality brushed nickel material, the water filter system will not develop mold or bacteria over time. It has transparent casing so that you can monitor the filtering process visually. Plus, it fits easily under any standard kitchen cabinet for easy installation and storage. The system is durable, high-quality, and safe. It filters more than seventy-five gallons of water per day and holds more than three gallons of water at one time.


2. PUR Faucet Water Filter System

Best Water Filter Systems

This all-inclusive water filter systems attaches to your home faucet with a single click for effortless installation. It allows you to get fully filtered water straight from any faucet in your home that normally dispenses unfiltered water. The system fits any standard faucet in order to allow you to use it in your kitchen, bathroom, and any other room where you might need it.

One of these water filters lasts for up to two to three months with regular usage. The system features activated carbon filters that are crafted from porous coconut shells. This natural construction is extremely effective at removing dangerous contaminants from the tap water in your home.


1. Sawyer Products Mini Water Filter System – portable water filtration system

Best Water Filter Systems

When you’re camping, hiking, backpacking, or participating in any other type of outdoor activity, you generally have little to no access to clean, filtered drinking water. This mini water filter system is the perfect solution to this frustrating problem that plagues lovers of the outdoors.

This water filter system is contained within a compact, portable straw. You can use this straw to drink from the included drinking pouch, a water bottle, or straight from an unfiltered water source. Despite the small size of this water filter system, it is extremely effective. It removes more than ninety-nine percent of bacteria and contaminants from unfiltered. water. Plus, this water filter cleans up to one hundred thousand gallons of water before it needs to be replaced.


Clean water is never something you should compromise. It is vital to the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family. If you worry about the cleanliness and safety of your water, consider purchasing a water filter system so that you can always feel confident about the quality of the water you drink.

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