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The Best Cup of Coffee Begins With a Great Coffee Grinder- Top 10 Coffee Grinders

For many of us our day must begin with a good cup of coffee. However, let’s be honest, who really enjoys long lines at the local coffee shop first thing in the morning? If you are a person who enjoys making their own espresso or coffee instead of running out to buy a cup of coffee every morning you need to buy a coffee grinder.

Coffee grinders are essential when you want to make your very own cup of Joe. However, like every other kitchen appliance not all coffee grinders are created equally. It generally depends on how strong or light you would like your coffee to be. Here is our take on the best 10 coffee grinders that will help you make the perfect cup of coffee every morning. Read the following Coffee Grinder reviews to buy your favorite one, all of these Coffee Grinder are available on the market.

10.Black & Decker CBG100S Coffee Drinker


When you are in the market for a coffee grinder the first thing you should check for is the type of blade that it has. You want to look for a coffee grinder that has a stainless steel blade this will prevent rust from forming which in return allows you to always have a sharp blade.

In order for your coffee grinder to work well, the blade has to be sharp at all times. This coffee grinder comes with stainless steel grinding blades that will grind your coffee beans to your desired consistency.
The less you pulse your coffee beans the fuller they will be and the stronger your coffee will be as well. However, the more you grind them the thinner and lighter your coffee will be.


9. OXO Coffee Grinder with Intelligent Dosing Scale


This coffee grinder is among the very best on the market because of its dialing system. It comes with a dial that is capable of switching  between cups mode, grams mode or manual mode. Each mode is intended to grind your coffee to your desired amount. It comes with a built-in scale that measures grounds by weight not by time.

This helps you measure your ground and grind them without the need of a separate scale. Also comes with a high torque/low speed monitor so that there is less heat involved this means it is perfect for preserving the flavor of your coffee.

Numerous times coffee grinders will use a lot of heat in order to finely mill your grounds. However, this can cause your coffee grounds to lose its flavor along the way. Not using as much heat will stop that from happening. It also has a no bean detector so the coffee grinder will not work unless there are beans in the machine.


8. Secura SCG-903B AutoMatic Coffee Grinder 


If you prefer to drink different types of coffee on a regular basis this is the coffee grinder for you. As it the options are endless when it comes to this coffee grinder. It comes with 17 grind selections that allow you to choose from a fine grind to a coarse grind. This permits you to make from espresso to a french press you can try a different coffee blend everyday if you chose to do so.

It has a quantity control dial that enables you to make from 2-12 cups and it will automatically turn off once it is done making your favorite brew. The grinding mechanism that comes with this grinder allows for a uniform grind as the more uniform it is the easier and more tasteful your coffee will be. This also preserves the natural coffee aroma that we all know and love.


7. Breville BCG820BSS Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

the Smart Grinder™ Pro Coffee Grinder • Breville
the Smart Grinder™ Pro Coffee Grinder • Breville

Grind your coffee and your spices whenever you need to do so with this coffee grinder. It works as a coffee grinder that has a precision grinder blades with 60 settings so it is able to grind your coffee beans anyway you like them. This coffee grinder also minimizes grinding heat to preserve the flavor and essential oils in your coffee. When it comes to coffee grinders the less heat the better.

It has a precision grinder timer to allow you to increase and decrease the amount of time you want your beans to grind. This coffee grinder also comes with a 16 oz coffee bean capacity which allows you to make large amounts of coffee at a time. No longer in need of only making a small cup of coffee at a time now you can make 16 oz of coffee instantly.


6. Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder


Simple yet effective is the perfect description for this coffee grinder. It is small with all the bells and whistles you need in order to make the best cup of coffee every morning. With its translucent lid you are able to see how fine or coarse your grounds of coffee are.

This is an excellent way to not have the need to check your coffee grounds every time you press the pulse button. If you are a beginner when it comes to making your own coffee right at home this is the perfect coffee grinder for you. This coffee grinder makes 8 oz of coffee in one single use. You can get your perfect 8 oz coffee cup almost instantly.


5. Baratza Coffee Grinder with Bin


Featuring 40 different grinding setting this coffee grinder can make your favorite brew every time. It is the perfect coffee grinder for those that enjoy different brews that need individual grind settings from fine to coarse. This coffee grinder has a DC motor. What this means is it keeps your beans cool even over extended periods of grinding time. It has a combination of electric and gear speed reducers to ensure the grinding process will cool down from time to time too.

This helps preserves the flavors of your coffee while it is going through the grind process. It has a convenient pulse button so you are able to instantly grind a few beans when you are in a rush to ensure that your cup of coffee. This may very well come in handy when you are running late and need your cup of coffee.


4. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder


If you do a lot of traveling for work or in general, you may want to try a manual coffee grinder. A manual coffee grinder is not only extremely portable as it does not need an electric outlet to be plugged into for it to work, but it is also extremely quiet.

This coffee grinder has a built-in adjustable grind settings with 18 click options to ensure you have the precision you need. The style of this coffee grinder also makes it a top favorite as it is extremely slim and compact. The handle is removable so you are in a position to pack it into any bag you would like.


3. KitchenAid BCG111OB Coffee Grinder


Stainless steel blades are an excellent option when you are looking for a coffee grinder. They offer durability and powerful performance. Quickly grinding enough coffee to make 12 cups of coffee at a time.

The stainless steel bowl comes with measurements on the side to indicate how much coffee beans you will need in order to make 4,8,10 or 12 cups of coffee. The bowl is also removable so you are capable of carrying your perfect amount of coffee grounds straight to your coffee machine.


2. Epica Coffee and Spice Grinder


Do not take two separate grinding machines to grind your coffee and your favorite spices instead use a grinder like this one. This grinder will grind your coffee and spices with the simple use of a button. It runs with a 250 watt grinders in order to give you the powerful blend that only a strong motor can give you a uniform grind.

Consistent, easy to use and silent are among some ofthe perks of using the coffee grinder. You will notice consistency regardless if you are grinding coffee beans, oats, peanuts, or even flax seeds. The options are endless when you are using this grinder.


1. KRUPS F203 Coffee and Spice Grinder


With this coffee grinder, you are able to grind up to 3 oz of coffee beans in seconds. This is extremely convenient for those of you that wish to make their coffee as soon as possible. With its large capacity, this grinder is able to make up to 12 oz of coffee.

The stainless steel blades are in a position to grind coffee beans, herbs, spices, nuts, grains and much more. It does come with a 200 watt motors to give you a powerful grind in a quick manner.


Grinding your coffee beans before your favorite cup of Joe can make all the difference. Using one of these coffee grinders will give you the perfect cup of coffee every time you need it. Please tell us which coffee grinder you want to purchase next. Also you can check the latest hottest coffee makers here.

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