How to Tie a Scarf to Jazz Up Your Hair, Neckline, Waist & Bag Handles

Scarf How to Tie a Scarf to Jazz Up Your Hair, Neckline, Waist & Bag Handles

Scarves are lovely squares or rectangles of fabric that can do an amazing job of brightening up your outfit or your hair! Scarves are equally useful and decorative at any time of the year, but there are many different types of scarves and each type has its own rules and purpose.

So I’m going to run through some of the most fashionable new looks to wear this year to decorate your head, neckline, waist and handbag handles!

Winter scarf colors


There really is no substitute for a warm scarf in the winter time and they have been a winter-wear tradition for thousands of years. This year you should be wearing a fashion color that matches the rest of your outfit, either as a perfect match or a complementary color.

This winter’s colors are the gem-colors of purple, burgundy, deep pink, midnight-blue, forest-green, gray and all shades of brown, from chocolate and coffee to tan, khaki, cream and beige. And plaid jackets in gray, beige and brown are super-trendy, along with dark-green and brown trench-coats. So buy winter scarves in colors that are on trend to make your outfits fashionable and attractive.

Summer scarf fashion colors

Lotus Stem Silk Scarf
Lotus Stem Silk Scarf

And the gorgeous summer colors are all soft pastel colors including lavender, baby-blue, soft pink, soft yellow, lovely light moss-green plus beige, khaki, cream, white and light-brown shades.

All of the fashion colors are easy to wear this year, unlike times when neon colors are ‘in’! So you’ll enjoy adding new and retro scarf details to your fashion repetoire!

How to tie a streamlined winter scarf

If the weather is really cold, the best way to tie your scarf is to place it around the back of your neck, with two sections hanging down your front. Then open out each section and cross them over each other to make an X shape across your body. This will give you an extra layer of warm fabric criss-crossed from your neck and throat down over your torso. Place the ends of the scarf around your waist towards the back and then put on your coat over the scarf. And the few inches of open coat or jacket beneath your neck will show an attractive, new winter color! It’s a great, streamlined style that won’t get tangled up in your shoulder-bag straps or grocery bags.

How to tie a silky scarf to decorate your hair

Thick, luxurious scarf headbands are a big trend right now and if you have a medium-sized scarf or two in your wardrobe, here’s how to tie your scarves in new ways!

Scarf-ring headband

1. Take a medium size square scarf and fold one corner over to the other side to create a triangle shape.
2. Continue folding the scarf until you have a straight band about a couple of inches wide.
3. Arrange the scarf around your head from nape to forehead, with the ends at the front, and slip a scarf ring or pony-tail elastic down the two ends to your head.
4. Take each end and move them back towards your nape and tie the ends together to secure your headband.
5. This makes a fairly broad headband with a cute detail at the front and a bow at the back, which covers your ears and keeps you warm and elegant in cool weather.

Simple rosette headband

1. Start with a medium-sized scarf and fold it into a triangle.
2. Continue folding the scarf over until you have a band about two inches wide.
3. Place the scarf around your head from nape to the top of your head and tie a knot to secure it.
4. Then you take each of the long ends of the scarf and twist them, one at a time and in opposite directions.
5. Keep tight hold of the ends and then bring them together and twist them to make one twisted strand.
6. The strand should create a looped rosette shape, and you tuck the ends under the rosette and fix in place with a hair-grip/bobby-pin.
7. You can move the band around slightly to get an asymmetric rosette, or wear it in the center above your forehead.

How to tie small silky scarves around your neck

This is one of the simplest ties to learn and it looks great with plain round necklines on tee-shirts, V-necked tops, or with a white shirt and blazer for a sophisticated look.

1. The V-front scarf tie method

1. Fold your scarf into a triangle shape.
2. Arrange it around your neck with the V at the front and tie the ends into a knot at your nape.
3. If you tie it snugly it will cover up a lot of your neck, so this only works if you have a long neck.
4. Leave enough space so that the scarf isn’t too close to your neck for a casual, flattering finish.
5. It gives you a very pretty splash of color to decorate a plain top or dress with a touch of chic.

2. The French Side-Knot scarf tie method

This is another of the retro scarf-ties that’s really back in fashion this year. It’s another simple tie method, but it has such a lot of impact on the trendiness of your ensemble. Wear a plain scarf with this year’s Breton sailor, striped tops in red, blue, or black and white, for an authentic look. Or add a cute, patterned scarf to any plain top or dress that needs a little extra color and style!

1. Fold a small scarf into a triangle shape.
2. Continue folding the triangle until you’ve made a band of fabric about 2 – 3 inches in width.
3. Place the scarf around your neck with the pointed ends at the front.
4. Tie the ends into a double knot that feels comfortable around your neck.
5. Then move the scarf around to the side, for a stylish asymmetrical look.
6. Open out the ends to make them as noticeable as you can.

3. The Asymmetrical scarf tie method

As asymmetry is always chic, and getting more popular every year, it’s time to learn the newer asymmetrical ideas for tying your scarves.

1. Take a medium – large square silky scarf and fold it into a triangle and then into a band of fabric.
2. Place the scarf around your neck and place a scarf ring on the ends.
3. Gently pull your scarf until you have two ends draped down the front – one long and the other side short.
4. This is a new style that makes a trendy change from traditional scarf-tie styles.

4. Twisted scarf tie with side-puff detail

Here’s another of the new scarf-tie ideas that’s just fabulous with a monochrome outfit. For example, you can add loads of trendy style to a casual black top and jeans with a brightly patterned medium – large, silky scarf. Or you can wear it with a simple black or monochrome dress.

1. Fold the scarf into a rectangle – not a triangle – about 3 inches wide.
2. Hold the middle so that it makes a loop over one hand and then twist the two long sections into one thick, twisted strand.
3. Place the scarf around your neck with the loop on one side and the square ends on the other side at the front.
4. Then you push a section of the square end side half-way through the loop to make a puffy shape, leaving the actual ends outside of the loop.
5. Arrange the puffy part into a nice shape and wear it at the side for an asymmetrical look that can add casual sophistication to any outfit.

5. Boho scarf tie style

Boho scarf tie style

This is another new look, which is a fabulous way to wear a trendy large, patterned scarf over a plain dress, in a Boho style if you have quirky scarves. Or any style you like in a plain pastel colored scarf, like a pink scarf over a purple monochrome dress, or a soft orange plain scarf over a raspberry red dress!

1. Make the scarf into a large triangle and drape it around your shoulders.
2. With the long ends draped down your front, take hold of the edges of the scarf at a point that leaves a comfortable gap between the scarf and your neck.
3. Tie the scarf together at this point or use a reasonably tight scarf ring to join the ends at this place.
4. If it seems too complicated to fix them together, you can always just put in a couple of stitches to hold it in place with a needle and cotton. Fix it with a safety-pin first, remove the scarf over your head and add a couple of stitches.
5. Then move the scarf around to the side, so that the ends divide with one hanging in front and another hanging behind the shoulder.
6. And arrange the rest of the scarf to cover the other shoulder and arm and drape nicely across your chest.

How to tie a scarf around your bag strap

How to tie a scarf around your bag strap
How to tie a scarf around your bag strap

And this is another very popular and new trend for this year. It’s easy to do and can add load of fashion styling to your look, giving all your outfits a very trendy appeal.

1. If your handbag has a trendy chain shoulder strap you can tie a silk scarf to the chain at one end and thread it through the large chain links to add vivid color to your ensemble.
2. You can also tie a silk scarf to the beginning of the chain and then twist the scarf tightly around the strap and tie a knot to secure it at the other end.
3. On a short handbag strap, just twist a small, silk scarf around the handle and tie a knot at each end to keep it secure.

How to tie a super-trendy scarf-belt

How to tie a super-trendy scarf-belt

On a dress or especially trousers/jeans/skirts/denim shorts that have belt loops sewn on, it only take a few seconds to thread a long scarf through the loops and tie in a decorative knot, at the front or back of your garment!


hermes Scarf-rings
hermes Scarf ring

Scarf rings can be minimalist or elaborate, according to the scarf you’re wearing and whether you want a casual, formal or cute look. They are an excellent fashion accessory that make it even easier to style your scarves in lots of different ways! So make sure you have a couple of scarf rings around to make your scarf tying quick and professional-looking.

I’ve only been able to scratch the surface of the many ways you can use a scarf to transform your image and give new life to favorite garments, and retro-trendiness to new clothes! Scarves are one of the most versatile fashion inventions ever and we will all have loads of fun wearing them in new and fancy ways this year!

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