7 Amazing Winter Beauty Hacks

winter makeup 7 Amazing Winter Beauty Hacks

Finally, the winter and all its magic is here! However, this season is not all jolly and merry. It can do a real number on your mind and take a serious toll on your beauty, causing your skin to look tired and your hair to look dull.

Why? Well, the cold air outside plus the hot air inside can such up all the moisture from your skin. And we won’t even start on winds that irritate the skin and remove its protective layers. Luckily, there are a few beauty hacks for winter that can help you retain your impeccable beauty.

Apply body oil before bath

We know that hot water dehydrates the skin, but who is brave enough to take a cold shower in winter? But, there’s a nice solution to this issue: put on some body oil before you step in the shower. This product will create a shield that will protect the body from the water. After your shower, you can lock the moisture in by applying a generous layer of body cream while your skin is still damp.

Try out a different exfoliator

While exfoliation is key to healthy skin, it’s not that smart to use anything harsh on it during the winter. Exfoliating already dry skin can cause tear and break off the delicate tissue and make that horrible raw feeling even worse. Instead of using your regular scrub, try to use a less abrasive method to remove dead skin cells. For instance, a gel peel will remove any buildup without too much damage.

Use face mask for a winter glow

The cold from the winter air leaves the air dry and thirsty for moisture from your skin. However, with a good face mask, you can still achieve that summer glow, despite the odds. When choosing the perfect face mask for your skin, you need to first study your skin type. If you have oily skin, look for products with beta-hydroxy acids like salicylic acid. Not an expert on face masks? Do your homework and read full article here—it will explain everything you need to know. From ingredients to shopping guides, keep this text up your sleeve when choosing a face mask.

Relieve scalp itch with tea tree oil

If you suffer from scalp issues like eczema or psoriasis, colder months of winter can make your symptoms worse. But, you can fight off flakiness and prevent dryness with tea tree oil. Many experts swear by this product when it comes to scalp dryness. Good things to use are tea tree oil treatment, a shea shampoo or add a few drops of their essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner.

Put coconut oil on hair strands

Split ends are bound to happen during winter due to all the cold winds and drying indoor heat. While trimming these damaged ends is the best solution, you can also temporary soften the frizzing look by applying a little bit of coconut oil to the ends. This product is rich in fatty acids and beneficial proteins that hydrate the hair and give it that healthy and shiny look.

Moisturize your feet

People who already suffer from dry heels and soles can notice their condition get worse during the cold months of the year. To help with hydration and softness, grab the thickest moisturizer you can find and apply it to your feet. Then, put on cotton socks and wear them overnight. The socks will create a barrier and seal the moisture resulting in much softer skin. If you notice any cracks, go for a greasy ointment—it’s more intensive than a lotion.

Heal chapped lips with tea

There’s nothing worse for your lips than harsh winds, but you can ease the burn with something you definitely have at home—tea bags. Tannins from tea help hydrate and heal your lips and prevent cracking. After you brew your favorite tea, save the baggy, cool it and apply to chapped areas.

Why should you be afraid of winter when you have these beauty hacks up your sleeve? Do these during winter months and you’ll look as radiant and fresh as ever.

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