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10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair in 2021

Anyone who has thick hair knows that it can be a daunting challenge to control. Thick hair has a tendency to have a mind of its own, doing whatever it wants to, and going wherever it wants to go. Pomades can help reign in your thick hair, soothing its fly-aways and helping it stay where you want it to be without looking frizzy or greasy. However, some standard hair pomades are not strong enough to successfully tame especially thick hair.

To find a pomade that’s right for your thick hair texture, keep reading the pomades reviews to learn about the top rated best pomades for thick hair.

10. Rossina Julissa Argan & Coconut Oil Hair PasteTop 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

This pomade from Rossina Julissa not only keeps your hair in perfect place all day long, but it conditions your hair while you wear it to leave it looking and feeling soft and smooth. Designed for all hair types, including hair that is extremely thick, the pomade has a medium hold and a semi-matte finish that prevents your hair from looking greasy or shiny.

Crafted with a smooth formula that is extremely easy to use, the pomade does not flake once it dries and it never dries to a stiff finish. Instead, it stays soft for a natural feel and conditions your hair with pure argan and coconut oils infused within it.


9. Uppercut Deluxe PomadeTop 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

Lightly scented with a sweet, pleasant fragrance of coconut and vanilla, this hair pomade is crafted with a medium-strong hold that can tame even the thickest hair without causing excessive greasiness or stiffness. Water soluble so it can be applied to damp hair, the pomade offers a mid-shine finish that looks natural without appearing oily.

Designed with the consistency of a thick gel, the pomade is extremely easy to work with and offers a diverse range of styling options for you and your hair. Because it is soft and water soluble, it washes easily out of your hair at the end of the day with no harsh scrubbing required.


8. Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Top 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

With an extremely strong hold and a matte finish that effortlessly smooths and softens hair with even the thickest texture, this texturizing pomade from Baxter of California holds your hair flawlessly without adding unnatural grease or shine.

A multi-use, versatile product, the pomade separates, defines, and molds your hair easily and requires very minimal effort or styling skills on your part. Infused with natural ingredients including beeswax and clay, it holds your hair while conditioning and strengthening it. Perfect for thick hair with lots of texture, the pomade roughens up your hair for a finish that looks natural.


7. REUZEL Hair Pomade

Top 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

Formulated with a water base for a soft, smooth, and easily washable finish that looks natural, this pomade is lightly scented with the unique, sweet fragrance of bubbly cola. Crafted with an ultra strong finish to hold hair as well as super glue, it has a high-shine finish that makes your hair look glossy without appearing greasy or oily.

This pomade works best when styled into dry hair. You can start with damp hair and work it into your hair as you blow dry it for a locked-in hold. Add some more product once your hair is completely dry to finish off your heavy hold for a long-wearing finish.


6. Layrite Superhold Pomade

Top 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

A water-based product, this pomade is designed with a special, innovative, best of all worlds formula that holds you hair like a wax would without the stiffness and washes out of your hair effortlessly like a gel without the greasiness and heaviness. With an extremely strong hold, it will keep your hair in place all day long without any escaping fly-aways.

When applied to dry hair, the pomade maintains the strongest hold possible with a glossy, high-shine finish. However, you can also apply it to damp hair for a softer finish on days when your desired style does not require an extremely strong hold.


5. Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade

Top 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

While the superhold pomade from Layrite is necessary for certain thick hair types and styles that need an extreme hold at all time, this original version of the Layrite pomade is a less intensive formula that offers the same benefits with a slightly softer hold.

Designed with a light, pleasant scent of clean vanilla, the pomade holds your hair firmly without drying stiffly or flaking during the day. Formulated to hold your hair as strongly as a wax and wash out as easily as a gel with just water, the pomade is easy to use and effortless to remove when you want to.


4. Imperial Classic Pomade

Top 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

With an industrial-strength hold and a water-based finish for easy removal, this pomade offers a semi-shine sheen to your hair that appears glossy without looking greasy or oily. Formulated to provide a smooth application that distributes easily and evenly through your hair, it is effortless for anyone to use whether or not you have any styling skills.

This pomade is designed to allow you to adjust the amount of hold it provides depending on the needs of the texture and style of your hair. When used on dry hair, it provides an extremely strong hold. When applied to damp or wet hair, however, it still offers firmness with a slightly lighter hold.


3. AXE Styling Signature Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade

Top 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

Crafted with a special refined formula that provides a smooth, firm hold to your hair without stiffness, this pomade from AXE  leaves your hair looking shiny and polished without appearing greasy, wet, or excessively oily. Your hair will look natural while it stays put with the firm, strong hold of this pomade.

A small amount of product goes a long way with this pomade. You only need to work a small bit of it into your hair in order to create a wide variety of diverse and versatile styles and textures with a shine finish for your short to mid-length thick hair. A classic pomades for natural hair!


2. American Crew Pomade

Manufactured with top-quality ingredients in order to strengthen and condition your hair rather than damage it with harsh synthetic chemicals, this pomade offers a medium hold with a high shine finish to your hair. It is an all natural product that effortlessly holds your thick hair in place and includes no synthetic additives.

Designed to help you achieve a flawless slicked-back look or a variety of other diverse styles, the pomade can be used on curly or straight hair and is perfect for use on thick hair. It has a light scent that is all-natural and is pleasant without being too overwhelming. This is a great pomade for curly hair.


1. Suavecito Pomade Original Hold – Best Pomade for MenTop 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair

This pomade doesn’t feel like a wax, a gel, or any other hair product you’ve ever tried. It has a special creamy consistency that feels great in your hair without congealing or getting greasy or stiff.

In order to provide you with the widest versatility of styles, this pomade offers a strong hold that dries to a medium hardness without getting too stiff. As an added bonus, the pomade washes out easily with water to prevent residue. This is one of the best pomade for men!


Pomades can be a transformative addition to your standard haircare routine. It can help keep your hair feeling natural and looking smooth. If you’re in the market for a pomade for your hair, use the list in this post to find some of the best pomades for thick hair.

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