Top 10 Best Popcorn Makers 2024: Best Home Popcorn Popper Reviews

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Having a popcorn maker at home enables you to give yourself and your family a little treat while watching a movie and creating memories. However, not all popcorn poppers are the same or give you the same quality in popcorn. Popcorn is a great alternative to chips when you are trying to become healthier and having a healthy lifestyle.

It is a lightweight alternative to snacking even if you enjoy pouring lots of melted butter on top. Nonetheless, even with large amounts of butter popcorn is still a high fiber snack that can be made for a large crowd.

Why pay ridiculous amounts of money on bagged popcorn that is not only flavorless and sticky but sometimes it can even be stale? Why not just purchase a popcorn maker that will give you fresh popcorn every time. Here are the best 10 popcorn makers. Read the following Popcorn Maker reviews to buy your favorite one. Most of the Popcorn Makers are available on the market!

10.Nostalgia Air Popcorn Maker


If you want to be able to make your favorite popcorn without using oil this is the perfect popcorn maker for you. This popcorn maker makes 16 cups of popcorn per batch. It is small and compact which makes it convenient to have on your countertop.

Whenever you want to make fresh popcorn you are able to do so almost immediately with this machine. You can make large batches of popcorn and keep it in this popcorn machine as it will remain warm.


9.Great Northern Vintage Popcorn Machine


Popcorn machines are sold in all shapes and sizes. It truly bases on what you are looking for. This particular popcorn machine is a vintage style popcorn machine is 560 watts and it comes with 2 position controls so you can monitor the amount of popcorn you make per batch.

It also comes with a warming deck so your popcorn remains warm and fresh. This is an excellent option to have if you are hosting or making a large amounts of popcorn at once. Your popcorn will remain warm until you remove it from the warming tray. It makes around 2 gallons of popcorn at a time.


8.Hamilton Beach Popcorn Maker


Get theater style popcorn right in the comfort of your own home with this popcorn maker. It pops up to 24 cups of popcorn at a time so everyone gets to have their own cup of popcorn. Although, you can make 24 cups of popcorn at a time you do not need to. You can actually make as little as one cup of popcorn.

This popcorn maker allows you to make as many or as little cups of popcorn as you would like to. It is also very easy to use and serve. The unit itself transforms into a serving tray and you can make popcorn in 3 easy steps add the kernel, add oil and plug it in you are ready to enjoy fresh popcorn.


7.Great Northern Stovetop Popcorn Maker


Traditionally if you want to make popcorn at home you would either purchase popcorn from your local store or you would make popcorn on your stovetop. One of the problems that you may come across when you are making stovetop popcorn it can burn quickly. If you enjoy stovetop popcorn this is the perfect popcorn for you.

It makes 5 quarts of popcorn in minutes. In order to prevent burning this popcorn maker comes with a unique spinner stirring mechanism that you will be able to spin constantly so you can monitor when your popcorn is ready.


6.Northern Lights TableTop Retro Style Popcorn Maker


A retro style popcorn maker that you can have on your counter is exactly what this popcorn maker is. It is perfect if you have a large family or host parties where there are a number of people as it makes 1 gallon of popcorn per batch. This popcorn maker comes with a 2 ½ ounces stainless steel kettle with a built in stirring system.

In order to keep popcorn warm it has warming lights that will keep your popcorn warm until you decide to remove it. Even the tray is removable so you can eat right from your tray instead of needing to find a place to put your popcorn in.


5.Cuisinart CPM-100 Air Popcorn Maker


Small, effective, easy and quick is the best way to describe this popcorn maker. This popcorn maker makes 10 cups of popcorn in 3 minutes. It is also a healthier approach to pop popcorn because there is absolutely no need to use oil.

You simply utilize popcorn kernels and you are good to go. Its unique design allows your popcorn to remain crunchy the way it should be. You will never have to worry about soggy popcorn again. You also have the ability to melt butter on the top of this popcorn with a removable tray on top


4.West Bend 82505 Popcorn Maker


You can make 27 cups of popcorn in about 4 minutes. Which means you can make enough popcorn for your entire family in about 4 minutes or 8 if you choose to make another batch. It comes with motorized stirring rods to ensure all of your kernels pop and you get more than your average amount of popcorn.

This popcorn maker is simple yet effective when it comes to giving you the best popcorn experience while being size efficient.


3.Colonel Microwave Popcorn Maker


Making popcorn at home can be made in a microwave you can easily buy microwavable popcorn from your local store and make it that way. Or you can use a silicon popcorn maker like this one instead. This popcorn maker makes 14 cups of popcorn in total.

You are able to make ¼, ⅓ or ½ a cup of popcorn at a time between 2-4 minutes on high in your microwave. The innovative handles enable you to pick up your popcorn from the microwave or toss in your favorite seasonings.


2.Wabash Valley Farms Stovetop Popcorn Maker


Make theater style popcorn right on your stove top. This popcorn maker makes 6 quarts of popcorn right on your stovetop. With its patented stirring mechanism it helps to prevent sticking and burning of your popcorn.

It also ensures more kernels actually pop because you are keeping everything in rotation. It is the easy and smart way to have theater style popcorn in the comfort of your home.


1.Presto 04820 Air Popcorn Maker


Make your popcorn fresh and quickly by using this popcorn machine. It makes 18 cups of gourmet popcorn in just 2 ½ minutes. This not only makes popcorn in a quicker manner but it also is healthier for you.

It is an air popcorn maker which means there is no need to use oil at all. With this popcorn maker, you can expect to make your favorite popcorn up to 30% faster and with virtually no unpopped kernels.


Making popcorn right in the comfort of your home cannot only save you hundreds of dollars but it can become a healthy snack that you love to enjoy with your family and friends. Let us know which popcorn machine are you most excited about and why.

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