80 Best Would You Rather Questions – Ultimate Guide

Would You Rather Questions

“Would You Rather?” Ah, that’s a classic game that never ceases to go out of style! Whether you’re at a party with some of your friends, talking on the phone, or really just bored waiting for your doctor appointment, “Would You Rather” is a game that will keep your mind occupied and keep the conversation going all night long.

Funny Would You Rather Questions

Everyone loves to get a good laugh in here and there. These funny ‘Would You Rather’ questions are bound to have you rolling on the floor in no time!


  1. Lick a dirty trash can or lick the bathroom floor?
  2. Eat a wiggling worm or eat a tuna and sardine sandwich?
  3. Only have two giant yellow teeth or no teeth at all?
  4. Have fat arms and skinny legs or skinny arms and fat legs?
  5. Go a month without your cellphone or a month without brushing your teeth?
  6. Have a nose that is a foot long or ears that are a foot long?
  7. Have the ability to stop time or fly?
  8. Fight 100 frogs the size of horses or 1 horse the size of a frog?
  9. Be a tree or live inside a tree for the rest of your life?
  10. Be without elbows or be without knees?
  11. Fight Mike Tyson or have to talk like him for the rest of your life?
  12. Have your breath smell like a fart or have your laugh sound like a fart?
  13. Have bad bread or smelly armpits for the rest of your life?
  14. Have a really small nose or a giant nose?
  15. Shed your own skin like a snake or be bitten by a snake?
  16. Say everything that you think or never speak again?
  17. Have the world’s first talking pet or be the first human pet?
  18. Be half your height or double your weight?
  19. Be an ugly genius or an attractive idiot?
  20. Constantly forget your own name or change it every time you met someone?


Would You Rather Questions for Kids

  1. Be a lion or a tiger?
  2. Be in a movie or direct the movie?
  3. Have a tail or have cat ears?
  4. Buy a playhouse or a trampoline?
  5. Eat cake or eat candy?
  6. Go on a hot air balloon or go on an airplane?
  7. Have a pet snake or a pet tarantula?
  8. Go camping or stay in a hotel?
  9. Go rock climbing or go swimming?
  10. Have just one best friend or lots of friends?
  11. Watch a funny movie or a scary one?
  12. Live in the mountains or live by the beach?
  13. Be too hot or too cold?
  14. Have a puppy or a kitten?
  15. Read books or write books?
  16. Be a ballerina or a gymnast?
  17. Be a baseball player or a football player?


Random Would You Rather Questions

  1. Take a trip to a foreign country or travel around your own country?
  2. Be the best player on a team that always loses or be the worst player on a team that always win?
  3. Lose your cell phone for a year or not eat sweets for a year?
  4. Be given $1,000 dollars right now or get $50 once a month for the rest of your life?
  5. Take a cold shower once a week or a hot shower once a month?
  6. Have a fun friend that is mean or a boring friend that is nice?
  7. Watch a firework show or go to a concert?
  8. Be ten years older or five years younger?
  9. Go to the zoo or an aquarium?
  10. Have a magic carpet or a robot?
  11. Know the time of your death or cause of your death?
  12. Be able to control your dreams or control your destiny?
  13. Have no one show up to your funeral or no one come to your wedding?
  14. Have no ears or no eyes?
  15. Blindly touch something or blindly taste something?
  16. Drown to your ultimate death or burn to your ultimate death?
  17. Have a bath with spiders or a shower of cockroaches?
  18. More time or more money?
  19. Rescue your pet from a burning building or rescue a human you don’t know?
  20. Divorce your partner that cheated or cheat on them for revenge?
  21. Commute for an hour for more money or no commute for minimum wage?
  22. Get a tattoo or a piercing?
  23. Cry every time you’re happy or laugh every time you’re sad?
  24. Cry spicy tears or have your saliva be very spicy when you swallow?
  25. Make love to anyone you want in the world or marry your soulmate?
  26. Free movies or free movie theater food?
  27. Have your bank account or your cell phone hacked?
  28. Get stung by a wasp or bit by a snake?


Flirty Would You Rather Questions

These are great if you’re talking to someone you’re interested in and want to get to know them a little bit more intimately.


  1. Be kissed or make the first move?
  2. Have one partner or several at once?
  3. Have one long term relationship or a bunch of one night stands?
  4. Pick the hot girl with no personality or an OK girl with a great personality?
  5. Look at a girl from the front or the back?
  6. Go out on a date or stay inside?
  7. Kiss a girl on the cheek or the forehead?
  8. Date someone older or younger than you?
  9. See me naked or have me see you naked?
  10. Tell your girlfriend the truth or comfort with lies?
  11. Make love in the kitchen or the laundry room?
  12. Cuddle or make out?
  13. Cheat on your partner with an ex or a stranger?
  14. Save your mom or your girlfriend if you had to save one?
  15. Lights on or off?


There you have it! A list of 80 ‘Would You Rather’ questions that are guaranteed to either make you laugh, look deep inside your soul for the answer, or just simply get to know someone better.

We want to know what your favorite ‘Would You Rather’ questions are! Tell us your favorite questions so we can use them on each other too.

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