12 Best Classic Polyvore Outfits For Winter 2024 – Warm Winter Outfit Sets


In the words of Game Of Thrones, “Winter is coming.” Even though winter feels like it’s really far away, it will be chilly and snowing before we all know it. If you’re looking for some cute winter outfits, then Her Style Code is here to lend a helping hand. Even if it’s cold outside, there’s no reason why you can’t look cute. Check out these warm trendy winter outfits via Polyvore and never spend another winter looking like a frosted disaster.

1. Dressy and Bundled Up Outfit

If you like layering, then this first outfit would be great for you. Dress up a long-sleeved shirt with a pencil skirt and riding boots. Finish it off with a plaid scarf and pea coat to keep you nice and warm in the cold weather.

2. Casual Winter Outfit

If it’s not too cold out, this outfit is a great option. Pair dark jeans with a crisp white top and add a scarf to take the chill off. You can wear converse or add boots if it’s a little bit chillier.

3. Preppy Winter Outfit

If you like dressing preppy, then try wearing this. The hunter green sweater with the plaid scarf is a perfect contrast, especially with some black jeans. Finishing it off with boots will make it look even better.

4. Winter School Outfit

Being in high school can give you some clothing restrictions, but this outfit shouldn’t be a problem. Wearing a sweatshirt with a tank top under it and jeans are extremely simple but adding the boots will help keep you warm. This would be great to wear on a lazy school day.

5. Brown Winter Outfit

Brown is a perfect neutral color to wear during winter. Pair jeans with a brown sweater, cardigan, and boots to make your outfit look put-together. Add some neutral accessories to even it out.

6. Business Casual Winter Outfit

If you can dress business casual for work, try wearing a denim shirt with a pencil skirt. If it’s really cold out, wear leggings with boots and a scarf as a finishing touch.

7. Blue and White Winter Outfit

Blue and white are an amazing combination, especially for winter. Dark jeans work great with a white sweater and blue vest. Finish the outfit with a pair of boots and a scarf.

8. College Winter Outfit

If you’re in college, then this outfit is a great option for winter. If you don’t have winter boots, try wearing your rain boots instead. Wear a pair of jeans or leggings with a plaid shirt and a long sweater. It’s a good way to layer your outfit without it being too much and it will keep you warm for your walks to class.

9. Weekend Winter Outfit

This cute winter outfit would look great if you have weekend plans such as Christmas shopping or going out to brunch. Wear a plain long-sleeved shirt with a patterned scarf and a vest to keep you even warmer. Add jeans and a pair of boots with some other accessories to finish it off.

10. Thanksgiving Winter Outfit

If you need a cozy outfit for Thanksgiving, try this one. Pair a plain tank-top with a tribal sweater cardigan and either add jeans or leggings. Finish the outfit with boots and a simple pair of earrings to keep it simple.

11. Dressy Christmas Outfit

If you want to get dressed up for Christmas, then wear this. Pair a white long-sleeved shirt with a red skirt and tights or leggings. Add heels or boots and a jacket to make your outfit complete. If you want, you can add some simple accessories…maybe even a Christmas gift.

12. Casual Christmas Outfit

Sometimes, you like to be comfy on Christmas. If so, try wearing a sweater with leggings and a pair of boots. It’s simple but will keep you cozy and warm all day long.

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