Gorpcore: The Closet Guide for an Adventurous Appeal


What is Gorp Core?

Believe it or not, but Gorp essentially is an abbreviation of ‘Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts. The term came into regular use back in 2017, and mainly includes the aesthetics of camping clothing.

The term ‘gorp’ refers to the nuts and raisins travelers and adventurers often carry with them for instant nutrition and energy boost. Thus, clothing for adventure sports like camping, swimming, hiking, bungee etc. are a heavy influence in gorp core.

These clothing are comfy, and thus gives a place to streetwear as well. Intermingling perfectly with the cozy meter of the campers, Gorp Core also bridges the gap between adventure clothing and luxury brands. On second thought, both the concepts are poles apart, as we would not want to dip our luxury LV boots in the muds as we look for the highest cliff to climb, right?

Yet the exact dichotomy gives gorp core the attention it deserves, and it is at its peak (no pun intended) in 2021 and for the years to come. The pros? It is snuggly, and you won’t need to buy something designer to fit in the aesthetic.

Gorp Core Brands to Watch out for

If you think this aesthetic is a small group of adventure lovers, you are dead wrong. On the contrary, the aesthetic has branched out from the collective appeal of being one with nature. The brands thus cater to this specific niche, and almost always focus on the reliability of their products rather than making it look pretty on the ramp.

That said, they do not compromise on the aesthetic levels of their garments (thus they can be worn daily as well). Here are a few brands to watch out for:


A definite advocate of adventure rushes involving hiking, bungee jumping, camping and much more, Patagonia not only sells the hardware products required to survive the wilderness, but also keeps you cozy with its clothing line.

The pandemic gave us a very thin line between comfortable winter loungewear and camping essentials. The intermingling of the two allowed most of us to adapt the gorp core attire into our daily lives, making Patagonia a widely known label in itself for the niche.


Do not confuse this brand for techwear. Upon scrolling one might conclude that Arc’teryx has the inspiration from techwear fits; the fabric and materials used are far from it. The lighter fabric clothing created in way brighter colors than the dull techwear palette gives it the adventurous kick, making the brand a staple in gorp core.

Bridging up from Canada, Arc’teryx has a variety of slim and puffer jackets, hiking equipment and multi-functional utilitarian bags, none of which compromise on the aesthetics of fashion. If you are someone who wants to hike in style, then Arc’teryx is the brand to go towards!

The North Face

Probably the first brand you will hear about when you start exploring gorp core, The North Face is known for its Nuptse Jacket, the Steep Tech Line (taken up later by Supreme as a collaboration) and various sturdy footwear ranges.

If you pick the best of the lot in fashion, then your gorp core aesthetic would call for The North Face, no questions asked.


If you are searching for a feminine appeal in your outfits, then Teva is a great gorp core brand known for their platform sandals, including occasional boots and sneakers for women. The best advantage? These come in every color imaginable, and the design makes it a great fit for even a brunch next weekend.

Not only footwear, but the accompanying range of socks can be great as a deal. Teva is aiming at two birds with one stone by juxtaposing socks with sandals and going against the grain.

Snow Peak

If you’re interested in the highly active lifestyle, then Snow Peak is known to create performance worthy equipment and pieces. Their clothing is also customized based on the weather you’ll be in. Climbing to higher altitudes, it’s best to flex the climb in your multi-layered fire pants.

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Yet, the design isn’t conventionally boring. Snow Peak has incorporated high quality with sleek design and even graphical tops and tees with elements of nature and living the said life. Truly gorpcore, in and out.

Elements in GorpCore


A good ol’ pair of these might already be in your closet. Don’t restrict your trainers for just those lazy days, instead, include them in your adventure-ootd (outfit of the day) styles!

Trainers outfit ideas
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Grey trainers work best with almost every camping element. Have a pair in black and if you really wish to commit, a white one too. 

Trainers need not be those figure-hugging ones at all times. Trainers with a bit of a loose fit can work great for a straight silhouette. After all, comfort should be at max while doing something daring!

Puffer Jackets

Be it cropped or down to your toes, these puffy jackets can keep you warm for unbelievable amounts of time. Puffer jackets were initially titled as ‘sleeping bag coat’ and are essential for the gorpocore look. Campers rely by this for their bedding, as well as travelling, and for sure you would want this in your aesthetic. When in doubt, puff it out.

Utility boots

The durability of combat and utility boots remain unmatched. Combat boots have been used for heavy duty work, worn by people working at construction sites and also during hiking and other adventure sports. Thus, the tricke up fame of this particular boot is quintessential to have your best foot forward for all your outings, be it to the hills or your nearest coffee rendezvous.

Utility boots
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Pullovers and Knitwear

This is not the place for Tumblr approved chunky knits, rather the sturdy tweed coats and jackets are the ones which make the cut in gorpcore. This element is the one you would want to layer under your jackets, think turtlenecks, fitted sweater and body warmers among many others. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dresses a part of Gorpcore?

Yes! Knitted clothing is the trend of today, and ribbed knitted dresses and tops are the ‘norm’ in the coming winters. Invest in figure-flattering, full length slip dresses to give your gorpcore look a casual touch. Tans, browns and even yellows and olive greens can bring the nature aesthetic in your outfit, even if you’re not out amongst the trees.

What kind of bags shall I buy for gorpcore?

The adventurer in you will gravitate towards multi-functional, utilitarian bags. Consider all the bags with multiple zips and pockets to hold all the essentials for your trip in a concise amount of space. Backpacks are your go-to, yet for the fancier tones, crossbody bags and fanny packs also add a great touch to cater to your stylish needs.

What kind of bags shall I buy for gorpcore?
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What kind of bags shall I buy for gorpcore?
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I can’t wear utility boots everywhere, are there any alternatives for footwear in gorpcore?

One cannot complete the new normcore without our all-time favorites: the sneakers. The ones meant for trailing or climbing are the epitome of gorpcore, however, regular runners fit in quite well with the rest of the individual pieces too. Nike and Adidas are the staples if you are on a budget, while The North Face and Teva have a wide variety of adventure sneakers to watch out for. Subscribe to get more outfit ideas on herstylecode.com!

 footwear in gorpcore
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