Dyson Airwrap Styler Review 2024- Don’t Buy Before You Read This

dyson airwrap complete styler

Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler Review – Invest or Pass?

If you’re interested in saving money on your hair-care and styling, read on and learn what Dyson is offering these days! Dyson hair-styling and drying products certainly have a fantastic track-record for being innovative and extremely efficient in dealing with everyday activities. And all that research and development, costs a lot of money. But the results during the last few years have been some spectacular new products, which other manufacturers have rushed in to try and copy. So what do we think about the Airwrap styler?

Dyson Airwrap hair styler

dyson airwrap complete styler for multiple hair types and styles
Dyson airwrap complete styler for multiple hair types and styles – Buy it now

So now that a lot of women wash their hair in the shower every day, fast hair-drying and styling has become a priority in the short time most of us have to get ready for work. But even so, I would never have guessed that I would be happy to shell-out about $400 for a hair-dryer.

However, after being chosen to use and then review one of Dyson’s Airwrap Hair Stylers, I tried it and shortly after went out and bought myself the same model. I know it will quickly pay for itself in saved time and the amount of money you have to spend on salon blow-drying. And if you have been using extreme heat to fix waves in your hair, you must be spending a fortune in hair protectants, hair conditioners and gloss-treatments.

Direct Heat Damages Hair

Straightening irons and waving irons are the worst way to treat your hair, because they just dry it out completely with direct, high heat. And I have always tried to avoid using them. But when you have unruly, thick hair or fine, straight hair, sometimes you need to use something to get a decent, face flattering hairdo! But instead of you having to dry your hair first and then start styling it, the Dyson Airwrap does it all in one go, with the tools that come with the product. The big difference is that hot air is used to set your waves or curls, not a hot-plate, and this is far gentler on your hair. And because the waves are done whilst drying your hair, they tend to stay in longer than styling done with the hot-iron method.

Dyson Airwrap Details

Here’s a more detailed look at the three main hair-styling kits offered in the Dyson Airwrap range.

  • Coarse hair
  • Fine hair
  • Dual set with tools for both types of hair for family use

The attachments are all solidly made and lock firmly into the main barrel for frequent use and durability. There’s a small, travel Dyson hair-drier included. The top of the dryer is removed to click-in the various styling barrels:

  • Two 1.2 inch barrels for fine and coarse hair
  • Two 1.6 inch barrels
  • A soft, round brush for fine hair
  • A stiff brush for coarse hair
Dyson Airwrap tools’ set
Dyson Airwrap tools’ set – buy it here

How to use the Dyson Airwrap

You get the best results if your hair is approx. 80% dry, before you switch to a curling wand. So to do the initial drying, you use the brush tool to brush through small sections of hair from root to tip. If you clip your hair up in sections, it’s easier to do the lower lengths first and then let dry hair lie over dry hair, as you move up your head. And if you need root volume, just lift your hair a little at the roots.

Curling wand

Using the curling wands takes a week or so of practice, because the Airwrap barrels suck in sections of hair, with a vacuum action. This is a clever way of getting your hair wrapped around the barrel quickly and efficiently. There are also two barrels, one for the left and one for the right side of your head. This is unusual, but it’s necessary because of the innovative way the Airwrap works. And you have to use a mirror to look into to get the correct arrow sign on the barrel to show you in which direction it will curl your hair.

‘No damage’ setting with cool air

So after a section of hair is vacuumed into place, you wait for the air to dry it in a wave or curl form for 10 seconds. And then you switch to cool air by pressing a wand button. Leave it about 5 seconds and this links and stiffens the core of each hair into that shape. And this is the key to keeping your hair curled or waved all through the day. The difference is that extreme heat plates suck all of the oils and moisture out of your hair as they straighten or wave.

And so as soon as your hair gets outside where there is always a little moisture in the air, it sucks in the moisture because it needs it. And that makes curls drop and straight hair go frizzy. But by curling damp hair with hot air – at a much lower temperature than styling irons use – and setting with cold air – the Dyson Airwrap method, avoids that extreme dryness as the setting action. So your hair will stay curled, waved or straightened longer, as it’s not desperate for moisture from the air around it.

Different curl and wave patterns

You’ll soon learn that you can get lots of different waves and curls depending on the angle at which you style each section. Holding the barrel slanted down makes lovely beach waves. But if you want a big volume blow-dry, just apply the styler vertically. The longer your hair is, the better able you’ll be to create large full waves.

Long-lasting hairstyles

What’s really important is how long your hair will hold a wave or curl, because whatever anyone says, old-fashioned rollers that were put on towel-dried hair and then dried under a floor-stand dryer, were firmer and stayed in a lot longer than any modern, blow-dry methods. And that’s why the Dyson Airwrap gives superior holding time, because it is the nearest method to the hair-rollers on damp hair system. If you use a hair product to help your styling stay in place, you should expect a Dyson blow-dry to last about 7 – 9 hours.

Value for money

This is what really counts. So to decide whether it’s going to be worth your while investing in the Dyson Airwrap hair-styling system these are the annual expenses you need to review:

  • Money spent on salon blow-drying
  • Money spent on conditioning treatments for over-dried hair
  • Hair protecting products to stop styling irons making your hair frizzy
  • How often you need a salon trim to get rid of dry ends
  • The cost of driving to and from your hair salon

And if you wash and style your hair every day, the time saved can be extremely valuable. I can dry and style my long hair in about 10 minutes each morning. It’s fine hair, so thick hair may take longer, but even so it’s a quick sprint to get ready nowadays and not a tiring marathon, like before! The dyson airwrap styler complete refurbished is available here for $400, but I suggest you buy a new one.

Dyson airwrap complete styler for multiple hair types and styles

Also, the Dyson airwrap complete styler is available on sephora, you can buy it here.

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