5 Accessories Every Traveler Must Needs

5 accessories every traveler must needs herstylecode 400x240 1 5 Accessories Every Traveler Must Needs
Young woman traveling in Greece
Young woman traveling in Greece


Whether you’re headed on vacation or embarking on a business trip, comfort is key when it comes to travel. Traveling can be fun and exciting, but it also includes long hours stuck in traffic, cramped in coach on an airplane, or waiting around in an airport to catch your flight.

These five travel accessories are essential when you’re on the go to help make your journey from home to your destination and back as smooth, comfortable, and convenient as possible.

1. Portable Battery Charger

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Traveling can drain the battery of your mobile devices very quickly. Plus, outlets are often few and far between while you’re traveling–especially if your travel includes long hours on an airplane.

Invest in a portable charger with a USB port to charge your cellphone, tablet, laptop, etc. You can charge up your charger over night and use it to replenish the battery of your mobile devices throughout the next day–no outlet required. Many modern portable chargers have enough power to recharge your cell phone three or more times on a single charge.

2. Sleep Mask

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A high-quality sleep mask is an absolutely essential travel accessory. Sleeping while you’re away from home–whether you’re on an airplane or in a hotel room–can be difficult.

Sleep masks block out light around you to create a relaxing environment that reminds your body when it’s time to relax and go to sleep. These masks are especially helpful when your sleep schedule is out of whack due to jet-lag or long hours of traveling. For added relaxation, try a sleep mask with essential oil infusions for an extra calming effect.

3. Silicone Earplugs

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Earplugs are a necessity on any long trip. Whether you’re seated in front of a screaming baby on a flight or staying in a hotel room with super thin walls, the noisiness of traveling can make it difficult to relax and get some much-needed rest when you can.

Silicone earplugs are by far the most effective type of earplugs. They are moldable, so you can mold them specifically to fit the shape of your ear. Unlike disposable foam earplugs, these earplugs create a seal in the bowl of your ear that effectively keeps out even loud noises like snoring or baby crying.

4. Mineral Water Facial Spray

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Paying for water spray might seem silly, but mineral water facial spray can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling.

Long hours of traveling–especially when you’re flying in an airplane–can suck moisture out of your skin and leave it feeling dry and itchy. Mineral water facial spray rehydrates your skin to replenish this lost moisture and restore your skin’s soft and supple finish.

5. Travel Bottle Set

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Travel toiletries are expensive. If you buy new mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner every time you book a flight, you’ll end up spending a fortune on miniature toiletry products–especially if you travel frequently.

It’s much more convenient and cost-effective to invest in a set of reusable travel bottles. You can find carry-on travel toiletry sets that include separate empty bottles and containers for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, moisturizer, etc. Go for silicone bottles instead of hard plastic ones when possible, as silicone bottles are less likely to leak into the rest of your luggage.

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