How to Wear Waist Beads for Fashion, Seduction & Fun!


Waist beads could change your life! Do you ever wish someone special would pay you a little bit more attention or that you received more attention from the opposite sex in general? Well, try waist beads! They were invented to attract attention to your waist and hips, in a modest way, and they can be worn by any girls or women! Waist-beads are definitely one of the newest fashions to come to our attention and they are going to be lots of fun to wear this year and in the future, I’m sure!

So here’s an easy-read Q & A that will answer all of your queries about sexy and trend-setting waist beads:-

What are waist beads? Do you know the meaning of Waist Beads?

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Waist beads are a traditional West African body accessory like jewelry, in the form of dainty glass beads threaded onto string or wire and worn around the hips or waist. They used to be arranged on a bride’s body just before her wedding, in the same way brides wear sexy underwear for their honeymoon.

Like all jewelry, they are available in lots of different shapes and colors, and can include Swarovski crystals, glass gems and ‘charms’ with specific meanings. This new trend is also known as belly beads, beaded waist-chains and waistline beads.

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Where has the fashion for waist beads come from?

How to Wear Waist Beads for Fashion, Seduction & Fun!
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Waist beads have been used to adorn women’s bodies since the people of ancient Egypt used them as status symbols, and probably for a long time before that! They are especially associated with the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, in West Africa.

The traditional reasons to wear waist beads are to accentuate the body shape of women, to look more feminine, to help women conceive and for various spiritual reasons like protection from harm and helping to bring wealth.

Are waist beads just for slim women?

How to Wear Waist Beads for Fashion, Seduction & Fun!
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No, not at all! Waist beads are for all women and can be worn hidden under your clothes as a way to adorn your body and make you look sexier to your partner, or on top as a (sexy) fashion accessory. They are only intended to accentuate your curves and female shape, whatever size or shape you may be.

And you can confidently and comfortably wear waist beads every day around your hips, as they are not worn tightly around the waist. It’s just a super, new way to show your fashion savvy and be more seductive.

How do you wear waist beads?

How to Wear Waist Beads for Fashion, Seduction & Fun!
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Wrap the full length of new waist beads below your waist or further down your hips, to see how the line fits. If you find the waist beads too long, just slide off any extra beads from the cotton string. Then to make sure you never lose any beads, tie 3 – 4 tight knots at the end of the bead-line. Make sure the knots are secure and then cut-off any additional string.

And that’s all there is to fitting your beads! The best place to wear your waist beads is just underneath your tummy, but as we are all different shapes, you can easily work out the most comfortable position yourself. You can wear your beads in the traditional way, under your clothes and against your skin or outside your clothes.

What fashion clothes should you wear with waist beads?

How to Wear Waist Beads for Fashion, Seduction & Fun!
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Just about any type of clothing can be enhanced by you wearing brightly colored or smart black and white waist beads.  For instance, the look fabulous with cropped tops, bikinis and low-waist jeans in warm weather. And you can also add loads of style to a plain-colored, fitted tube dress or wear them over a pencil-skirt with a tucked-in top, (which is a fashion that’s going to be huge this year).

If you are wearing high-waisted pants, shorts or skirts, you can wear the waist beads over the top, so they become a super-trendy part of your fashion outfit!

If you like the Boho, or romantic gypsy, look add plenty of traditional metal charms to your waist beads and wear with long, flowing skirts and ankle boots. For a chic look wear carefully chosen fashion colors, like several sets of beads in orange and purple with black outfits.

You can wear as many sets of waist beads as you want and when you have several sets on they look like a beautiful, bright belt around your hips. Versatile waist beads can be worn with lots of different fashion styles!

What do the different colored waist beads mean?

How to Wear Waist Beads for Fashion, Seduction & Fun!
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If you’re going to be wearing waist beads outside of your fashion clothes, then you’ll want to choose colors that complement your garments. But a traditionally, each waist bead color has a special spiritual significance, as follows:-

  • Black – Personal power and protection from harm
  • Blue – Honesty, truth and loyalty
  • Brown – Stability and being grounded to the earth
  • Gold – Wealth, good health and power
  • Green – Prosperity, fertility and natural abundance
  • Orange – Vitality, self-confidence and courage
  • Pink – Love, kindness, caring and beauty
  • Purple – Wisdom, spirituality and royalty
  • Red – Energy and confidence
  • Turquoise – Self-awareness and good communication
  • White – Purity, truth and light
  • Yellow – Happiness, energy and joy

How long can you wear waist beads for?

How to Wear Waist Beads for Fashion, Seduction & Fun!
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You can wear your beads all the time, without taking them off to shower or bathe if you like. Sometimes beads look a little less shiny after being wet with soap, but they soon come up shiny again if you polish them with a dry cloth.  Or you can just wear waist beads as a fashion accessory that you put on and take off like any other jewelry.

So if you don’t want them to be a permanent fixture, just tie them in a bow at the back, instead of a tight knot. Waist beads are durable, but if you wear them low down, remember not to pull them down by accident and break the string when you use the toilet.

Why do women wear trendy waist beads?

How to Wear Waist Beads for Fashion, Seduction & Fun!
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Most women wear waist beads to draw attention to their feminine figure in a trendy, new fashion for the developed countries. Wearing them for a long time doesn’t actually shape your figure as some people used to believe. But they do create the impression than you are curvier than you actually are, like wearing a tightly buckled belt or a chain-belt. So that’s a great reason in itself!

Traditional reasons range widely from fashionable decoration, to showing off your waist and hips when dancing. In Nigeria, some people believe that waist beads stir up deep sexual responses in men. And some men believe that the charms added to waist beads can influence their lives, like magic spells!

They can also be a powerful love token when given by a boyfriend to his girl, or a husband to his wife. So they’ll make a super-trendy and well-received Valentine’s Day gift. And waist-beads are also traditionally believed to improve fertility, as they make you look sexier, so your partner wants to have more intimate encounters!

Do waist beads help with weight-loss?

How to Wear Waist Beads for Fashion, Seduction & Fun!
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Yes. Waist beads will draw your attention to how much flesh there is on your stomach and hips, because they will get tighter and looser if you wear them every day. And a lot of women find this really helps them to stop eating too much and to lose weight. They do not, however, do any type of, ‘waist-training’ – they just help you to track your weight gain and loss. But they are highly recommended by thousands of women as a good way to stick to a slimming diet.

In the past, before people wore stretchy clothes, you could always tell if you had gained a bit of weight, as your waistband would become too tight and uncomfortable to wear. So the only remedy was to cut out the extra cakes or sodas, and lose the weight until you could wear all your clothes comfortably again.

However, since the advent of leggings and stretchy jeans and skirts, you don’t get this warning signal that you’re gaining weight and this in itself has led to a lot of us eating more than we should and getting too heavy.

How do you measure yourself for waist beads?

How to Wear Waist Beads for Fashion, Seduction & Fun!
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Here’s the best way to get an accurate measurement of your abdomen and find out what length of waist beads to order online or from a local store. Please don’t be tempted to underestimate your measurement, it’s better to buy a little extra, than to be stuck with waist beads that don’t reach around your belly.

  • Stand up straight, but keep breathing normally and don’t hold your breath in.
  • Hold the measuring tape behind you and check carefully that it’s not twisted.
  • Starting from the top of the hip-bone, bring the tape-measure all around your waist, and let it overlap with your navel.
  • Make sure it’s not tight and digging into your flesh.
  • The tape must be parallel to the floor and fit comfortably around your body.
  • Check the number on the tape measure just after you exhale, when your abdomen is relaxed.

So what do you think? Are you going to be wearing sexy waist beads as soon as you can get your order processed online? I know I am! They are so much cheaper than sexy lingerie! LOL!


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