4 Timeless Bridal Hairstyles For Your Special Day

bridal hairstyles

Planning for your special day is one of the most exciting moments in life. The venue, the dress, the guest list, and everything else in between. When it comes to bridal hairstyles, you can draw inspiration from celebrities and find snapshots of bridal hairdos. Remember, nothing takes our breath away like a stunning bride beaming on her wedding day. From the classic half-up, half-down style to pretty ponytails, there are plenty of unique and interesting hairstyles to choose from.

Some brides like to wear their lush locks down in soft curls spilling over their shoulders, while others like to keep their hair up in chic and clean chignons. Whatever your choice, here are a few other ideas you might want to consider.


wedding hairstyle with bangs

Hairstyles with bangs are among the most popular trend of 2022. It’s all about showcasing your layered bangs. Add highlights, depending on your hair color, and pull back the rest of your hair into a low-mussed ponytail. Don’t forget to keep plenty of volume at the crown and hide the elastic to make it seem purposeful instead of hurried.

For those with fine or thin hair that lacks volume, consider hair pieces such as bangs and other extensions. Synthetic bangs, for example, are a great way to add coverage to your hairline. Additionally, extensions in the form of ponytails can add fullness and length to thinning hair, and transform your look. It is one of the most versatile hairstyles, so you can even take it to the next level by adding a few gorgeous details on your wedding day.


wedding updo

If you’ve always wanted to have the hair of a fairy-tale princess for your special day, the romantic updo is the choice for you. This hairstyle is all about feminine details such as flowers and braids. From Dutch braids to chignons, even those with short hair aren’t excluded from styling ideas. You can choose whatever style you prefer just remember not to braid your hair too tightly and leave some pieces out to soften the look.

The chignon, for example, adds a polished and sophisticated finish to any look. It goes well with any type of wedding dress, and it’s perfect for brides who have a minimalistic aesthetic. If your wedding dress is vintage-inspired, you can channel the roaring ‘20s by choosing the vintage updo style. You can even draw inspiration from popular TV shows such as Peaky Blinders and Downtown Abbey.


wedding hairstyle with braid

There are so many braided hairstyles it’s hard to choose which one looks better. Most of them look best with thick long hair, but you can clip in hair extensions and choose the perfect style for you. Additionally, make sure it also goes well with your wedding dress, as it is unique. The half-braided hairstyle, for example, is a great choice for those that don’t have ultra-long hair.

For brides that prefer a bohemian style, the side braid is a great wedding day choice. Also, if you want a beautiful and angelic look for your special day, consider the braided halo. It looks rather effortless, so you won’t need any advanced braiding skills. Another popular option among brides that has a bohemian feel is the fishtail braids. You can add hair accessories and flowers, and it will bring a beautiful bridal twist to the style.

Loose waves

wedding Loose waves hairstyle

If you’re planning a beach wedding, loose waves are the ideal hairstyle. It best suits those with naturally thick hair with a wavy texture. Note that you can also add hair extensions to give it more volume and prevent your waves from getting fluffy. This not only looks great on long hair but also short hair, just make sure you style it correctly. Loose waves look beautiful paired with hair accessories such as headbands, clips, and flowers.

If you don’t want to let your hair be wild on your day, you can choose the half-up style with loose waves underneath. For those with natural curls, let them shine on your special day. Just make sure they’re on point by prepping with a moisturizing product and finishing with a curl-defining spray. Those that want to channel Old Hollywood glamour, go for a unique vintage hair-down style. This look is flattering on all face shapes and never goes out of style.

Final thoughts

You can always go for the classic ballerina bun or low bun, but if you want to try something different, let your uniqueness shine on your wedding day. There are various options for brides depending on their wedding theme and dress, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your look. Remember, this is your day, so make sure you feel special with whatever choice your make.   

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