How to Style Brown Pants – 30 Outfit Ideas for Women with Brown Pants

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What to wear with brown pants (female)

After years of being neglected, all shades of brown have suddenly leaped into the fashion spotlight! And because few of us have had much brown in our wardrobe, we may be struggling on how to style brown pants.

So if you’ve recently bought a pair of brown pants, leggings or dress trousers, here’s all you need to know about styling and color-matching this year’s trendy brown pants.

 Best Brown pants outfit ideas | brown pants outfit, brown pants, pants outfit
Best Brown pants outfit ideas | brown pants outfit, brown pants, pants outfit
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Brown pants & light colors

For a soft, semi-formal look, wear pastel colors with your brown pants, whether they are a light or dark shade. Most light colors match well with brown, so choose the shade of your top depending on whether you have warm or cool undertones to your skin. For example, pink, blue, gray, lavender, apple- and mint-green and aqua are cool colors and tan, orange, burnt orange and mustard yellow are warm colors.

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And you can also wear a brown top in a lighter or darker shade than your brown pants, because single-color outfits can be just as figure flattering as an all-black ensemble!

Brown pants & medium colors

Jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue and purple also go well with brown trousers and look suitably bright and cheerful for the autumn and winter season. And you can wear patterned brown blouses, T-shirts and shirts with a different color accent in the pattern, to break up the overall color.

And if you are wearing a brown top with brown pants, make sure you use frills, flared sleeves or frills or a pussy-cat bow-tie to add interest to the look.

Brown pants & dark colors

During the last year or too, there has been a trend to wear dark-colored tops with a lighter shade of brown. For example, dark blue is now a popular choice for wearing with the right shade of brown.

So if you choose dark coffee pants, you have a wide choice of light, medium or dark colors for your top. But light or medium brown trousers look best with lighter shades, as a dark top with a light trouser always looks out of balance. For example, a black blouse doesn’t look good with white pants.

Brown & black combos

However, a lot of the old rules about what colors you can wear with brown have been cast aside; as everything depends on the tone or shade of the colors you want to match. Therefore, you can wear black with some shades of brown for a chic, contemporary look. So there’s no barrier to you teaming a black jacket, a black belt or a black shoulder bag with most shades of brown pants.

Brown pants & denim

Dark and medium-light shades of brown will go well with light-colored denim tops. And you can style the look with footwear to make it appropriate for work or leisure activities. For a cool, ‘street’ look wear casual sneakers or flat sandals but give your outfit a lift by wearing black high-heels for a smarter image at work. And, the latest look for street and office would be flat, ankle boots in a complementary brown color.

Fashionable shoe colors for brown pants

Here’s a list of some of the best colored shoes and boots to wear with your brown trousers:-

• Black
• Brown
• Burgundy
• Grey
• Navy
• Tan
• White sandals & white sneakers

And the best way to choose your shoe color is to remember that lighter brown trousers look better with darker shoe color shades. So that means that tan trousers will look fabulous with rich, stylish burgundy shoes or ankle boots. And dark gray shoes are a good color to wear with khaki-brown pants, because you get a complementary color contrast. But in the summer you can wear white and tan footwear, of course.

Jacket & coat colors for brown trousers

Gorgeous camel coats and smart gray jackets are two of my favorite outerwear colors to match with cream, tan or brown trousers. If your coat is camel, it will match perfectly with pants that are three tones darker. And in warmer weather, you can wear a light ivory or cream colored coat, as long as your brown pants are 3 shades darker to get the right balance.

And a camel coat will look equally stylish with tan pants and be ready in your wardrobe to pop-on without having to agonize about matching the colors. A pink, lavender, green or pale blue top will be great for spring and summer, especially if you wear either tan pumps or flat, white sandals for extra chic.

Parkas are back in fashion this year, too. And there’s a shorter, tan parka coat available this year that’s designed to match any shade of brown pants. It looks great for cool spring days with light-brown trousers, a versatile beige cardigan and beige casual shoes or ankle boots.

Gray and brown can be perfectly combined, as long as you get them in the same ‘color temperature’ i.e. warm gray with warm brown and cool gray with cool brown colors. And dark-brown, faux leather pants look stunning with an olive trench-coat, a deep purple cardi, a white formal shirt and deep burgundy high boots that cover your knees. Purple and burgundy look great with gray, too, so you’ll have a versatile set of mix and match clothes. You can find a lot trendy brown pants on Amazon, Nordstrom, Asos, etc.

What to wear with brown pants now

Here are a few suggestions for the latest way to put together a trendy brown pants ensemble:

Plaid is a huge trend for this year, too and you can match a gray-plaid blazer with dark-brown trousers and tobacco-brown ankle boots for a fantastic, fashionable and individual look. There are even brown checked skinny pants that look great with a trendy, over-size woolly jumper. And look out for burgundy waist-bags to add another layer of complementary color and enviable style!

The dark brown blazer jacket looks great with dark brown wide-leg trousers, making a retro-1970’s pants’ suit vibe. And worn with glam, black leather mules, you have an elegant look for many different occasions.

Tan, beige and caramel always look very attractive against dark brown, so bear that in mind when you’re buying for a half-casual/semi-formal new wardrobe for this year. For example, a dark-gray fine-knit sweater, under a tan lambskin coat, looks super with dark faux leather tight pants.

And whilst we have both dark brown and mustard available in the stores, you must add a trendy pair of mustard yellow ankle boots to enjoy the lovely contrast they make.

Dark brown pants also look fabulously chic with a fashionable tan trench-coat. You can style these two ‘must-have’ garments in different ways to vary the look, too. Try them with a black T-shirt, dark brown narrow fit pants, black loafers and a black bag, for an extra touch of elegance.

Once you get started with your brown pants shopping, you’ll soon start to get the hang of the styling options. It’s an easy look to manage, for example, match a black turtleneck with dark brown pants and you’ll instantly look trendy. Then add an unexpected pair of white low sneakers, some silver jewelry and you’ve got a highly fashionable, contemporary look!

If you follow favorite celebs, you’ll already have seen how fresh and fashionable they look in brown palazzos and joggers with beige, white, off-white and pastel tops. Faux leather and velvet brown pants are extremely classy. And look out for brown denim, which is a really ‘cool’ casual look!

And lighter khaki pants and palazzos if you want to look totally trendy.

Spring & summer ideas for tan & khaki trousers

Caramel-brown’s a lovely light-brown color for warmer seasons and looks great with a brown stripe top for a quick way to dress for work. Chinos look super with a black and white top and you should experiment with red tops to see if they flatter your skin-tone.

Red is a cool color, so should complement skin with cool undertones. However, red comes in so many different shades, sometimes tending towards orange that the right shade of red can be worn by anyone. If you are a natural, white or light blonde you may find that pastels are you’re best look.

Tan and khaki pants are ideal spring/summer wear that can be matched with lighter colored tops and T-shirts, including the staple white T. A tan checked blazer with a white shirt and tan pants makes a high-fashion semi-formal pants’ suit ensemble worn with suede desert boots.

Tan pants look great with white, orange or coral colored tops. And light-brown – cream pants are being worn with apple-green accessories which should hit the stores soon. And mint-green is a fabulous shade to wear with dark brown trousers, white low sneakers and a beige open cardi.

When the weather’s warmer you may enjoy wearing a trendy burnt orange hoodie with dark brown pants and white trainer shoes. It’s a chic, ‘laid-back’ look that’s individual and fashionable.

Knitted tops like a beige or gray open-front cardigan or a gray crew-neck sweater are a classy look with tan or light-brown khaki pants, especially when you complete the look with slip-on leopard or snakeskin shoes or shoulder bag.

A pink extra-large fit sweater looks cute with skinny pants or this year’s new wide-fit trousers. Or for a brighter look, choose hot-pink crew-neck and black flat shoes that will create a classy contrast.

If you can find a blue and white embroidered gypsy blouse, team it with your tan pants for a really contemporary stylish look. And finish off this look with gold colored shoes or flat ankle boots to add a casual look.

And gray cropped sweaters look great with tan trousers of all types plus white pumps for a zingy look. . . I could go on and on with all of the exciting, new color combinations and styles waiting for us to debut this year.

This year’s absolutely full of new design ideas, new trouser and jean cuts, a freshly chosen color palette and some really classy plaid jackets! The new colors for chic and casual wear all match together perfectly, for a total makeover fashion look if you’re ready for that.

Or if not, bring out clothes and colors you already have in the back of your wardrobe and give them a new life matching with your chocolate, honey, tan, sand, khaki pants and all the other new shades you’ll love wearing this year!

And here are more outfit ideas for women with brown pants, enjoy.

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